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Anatomical Natt


Natt's Journal: fandom, fandom, fandom...

Fics! Recs! Yeah!

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Anatomical Natt

(no subject)

I am sad. I'm supposed to be spending all my writing time working on my original novel, but lately it's been aaaaall fanfic -- because, well, it's fun. And I like you guys! I've given myself a deadline to finish whatever fics are floating around in my head (the end of the year!), and after that it's all original all the time (okay 90%). But naturally since I established the deadline, I wake up almost every morning with a new plot-bunny hopping around in my head. I've probably written down 8 new fic plot-lines in the past couple weeks. It's bullshit!

But for now, here's My To Do List (no particular order):

Draco/Albus Potter gender-bender (featuring trangender-leaning Al and protective Teddy)
Harry/Draco gender-bender (trickstery girl!Draco)
Harry/Draco werewolf fic (aggressive, dub-con wolf!Harry)
Harry/Draco (featuring amnesia!Harry and infidelity)
Harry/Snape time-travel romance
Draco horror gen fic
Oooh, Harry/Draco 8th year angst-fluff romance ♥

Plus, I've yet to sign up for hrholidays, which I'm totally going to.
And finish hd_erised!

I'm forgetting some. Will add to later. OHGAHD.

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If there were a market (read: strong market) for literary gay erotica, I'd so be there.

That's the problem, though. At least my problem and it sounds like yours, too: market isn't what inspires great writing. Great writing sometimes can inspire a market.

This conversation has inspired me, actually. I realized that the one thing I have published actually is, to the best of my ability at that time 10 years ago, literary lesbian erotica. Why haven't I written more of it? Not sure. Fear? Fandom love? Fear? LOL.

I think I'm going to say fuck everything else. Fuck the market and fuck what I see other writers succeeding at where I am stuck not writing at all. Fuck it. I'm going to write what I want to write and if it doesn't sell, fuck that, too. At least I will have been in love with the process.

All right, I'm pumped! LOL! Are you with me Natt? \o/\o/\o/ I'd LOVE to see any literary erotica you might write. FWIW. :-DD

You're right. We should just -- write it! No need to fear, especially if you get enjoyment out of the writing process itself! Plus, traintracks, your writing is super amazing and you should be spreading it to the world at large, yes indeed. :)))

Me, too: I should write what I want, no excuses!

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