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REC: Who Will Guard the Door

This fic needs so much more love!

I'm beside myself thinking about the care and attention the author put into this work. Don't read this story because you're looking for epic Harry/Draco romance (if anything, the pairing in this story is Draco/Malfoy Manor -- you'll find out why!). Read it because you want to fall into a powerful character-piece; meet a truly canonical, self-absorbed, twat of a Draco Malfoy, who is so obsessed with rising above in the Death Eater ranks that he won't accept the help that's offered to him, who is deeply paranoid about the other characters around him (and, it turns out, with good reason), and who gives you reasons to feel deeply for him despite his drawbacks; and, of course, because you want thoughtful, brilliant, talented writing. If you read this, please review.


Originally posted by dracomods at Who Will Guard the Door by musamihi (NC-17)
Title: Who Will Guard the Door
Author/Penname: musamihi
Primary Pairing/Characters: Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter
Summary: The day his father is sentenced, Draco takes the Mark and is given his impossible task. Thorfinn Rowle, assigned to be his mentor, is less interested in assisting him than in satisfying his own appetites. As Draco sinks further into failure and watches the war sweep his parents away from him, he takes refuge in the Manor – a member of the family he never knew he had. But the Manor suffers its own wounds during Lord Voldemort's residency, and the Chosen One may be the only force that can heal them.
Rating: Adult (NC-17)
Word Count: 36,800
Warnings: Non-con/Rape, Violence

Who Will Guard the Door

Tags: recs, recs: bottom!draco, recs: noncon

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