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Nude wolf-man --I'm a'roarin'!

--Firstly, these Letter Box results make me proud to be a Harry Potter fan. Sent a letter--yup.

--I drew a picture, for the first time in a very long time, of Remus Lupin. My first piece of fan art that I feel is worthy of the word "art". It is, I happen to believe, lovely. I don't draw often and I don't consider myself an artist, so "lovely" by your standards may not mean "lovely" by my standards. It was drawn from a photo and shows our lovely werewolf lying nudely on his back in an unspecified location, which, I like to believe, is somewhere in the Forbidden Forest having just awaken from a fun-filled night (just after the full moon) of romping around with the Marauders. He is squinting up at the sun and has a necklace bearing the letter S, which stands for 'Slytherin' and was given to him by--you guessed it--the lovely Potions Master to-be, Severus Snape.

*frolics like a good Severus/Remus supporter should*

I cannot post it anywhere, as I haven't a proper scanner or a digital camera. I'll find a way eventually--BUT! Until then, I will attempt to draw something more. I still half-believe my success today was a result of luck.

--Is it Sunday already? 2:00 AM? I think so. Yay. Queer as Folk tonight. I do hope the family doesn't expect me to stay late to mingle for Easter. I like chocolate and bunnies, but not enough to miss my favorite program.

--Haven't made much progress on TOP SECRET FIC lately. I've been lazy. I hope to have time tomorrow. There is a date to be met, after all. TOP SECRET FICS are not just thrown about without goals, you know. Peh, peh.

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