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Anatomical Natt


Natt's Journal: fandom, fandom, fandom...

Fics! Recs! Yeah!

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Fairy Snape.

Why why why

I can't go on my friends page, or Yahoo, or Facebook, or anything else mainstream or subject to potential spoilers until I see the Breaking Bad series finale! I can't see the finale until Space Marine gets back from his motorcycle adventure in 5 days, because that's our special tv-show bonding thing. I'm going to explode! It's so hard not to tap into that DVR.

I guess I just have to read fic. As if that's a bad thing!

Speaking of fic, I can't seem to write one of those damn things without doubling or tripling my intended word-count. How do you guys write concise, lovely fics? Mine are monsters. I'm like, "Hey, fic, could you be 10k?"

Fic is like, "Cool, bra, but how about 25k?"


"Yeah. :)"


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I have the opposite problem, I can't get my word counts up. But I've never been very good at description of like anything. People are like, 'What does it look like?' and I'm all, 'Does it really matter? Hey, there is a chair there—you know, because their having sex in it—I mentioned a chair, does that work?', or 'It's bedroom, it has a bed.'

I am working on this, but it still feels forced to me.

When I first started writing my stories were longer; not like 50k, but like 15k without an end in sight. (And since they've never been finished, that ending is still not in sight.)

I've lost a lot of scenes to: do I need this as a scene or can I just reference it in thought as something that did happen? AND to Where does my story really start? I now start a lot of my stories at what would used to have been the first plot point.

See, you've got it at least partly right! Usually these things don't matter -- what the chair looks like, what kind of bed is in the room, etc. I have a problem assuming I need to add "richness" to the story, so I get caught up with these details and then some (the fire warmth, the air temperature, the smells, the creaks of furniture, ugh); meanwhile, my characters are waiting patiently to interact. I'm sure the trick is figuring out what couple details are essential to set forth the feeling you want to evoke; everything else is extraneous and should be crossed out.

Maybe if we did a mind meld we'd be where we want to be? ;)

I have issues with the "Where does my story really start?" question, too. I've improved over the years, but it's always a head-scratcher. And I certainly hate finishing a story and realizing it really started halfway through.

I have the exact same problem. I've sworn off tumblr completely until I've seen the finale and am skimming quickly over any posts about it on LJ. And Husband is going away until Friday! So, theoretically, I'll have to wait until then to get through the rest of season five.

Here's a secret, though: I'm going to watch through the rest of the season while he's gone and just pretend that I haven't. Ahem. I just... I just know I'll be spoiled if I wait. It's bound to happen.

I do that, too! Or have been known to once or twice. And then he's looking at me like...why aren't you acting surprised? >:(

I soooo want to watch it in secret this time, but somehow I feel the finale is sacred. Grr.

Good luck till Friday! ;)

I dunno. I can't get a fic longer than 20k. Must be the ebuul dialogues. Edit: and descriptions.

Edited at 2013-10-01 09:59 am (UTC)

We should also mind-meld for more moderate length fics. *nods*

*joins your fic club of doom*

The only way I can keep fics shorter, usually, is by having a deadline that I can't meet by writing a really long fic...

Oh, now that's a good idea!

Is it a good idea? Or is it a recipe for panic? :D

Sometimes they are one and the same. :D

Hm? Shorten? Nah... Nope. No, from a very happy reader, there's no need to cut back. We'll happily devour the 25k. :)

Teehee! But I have so many neglected fics that aren't being written because of Monster FicTM ;D

Oh man, well now I'm torn. I want long fics. But I also want lots of fics... I suppose then, I say "quality over quantity!" If Monster Fic is calling to you, then answer back! And the other fics can be patient. ;)

Now that's good at advice! :)

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