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Why why why

I can't go on my friends page, or Yahoo, or Facebook, or anything else mainstream or subject to potential spoilers until I see the Breaking Bad series finale! I can't see the finale until Space Marine gets back from his motorcycle adventure in 5 days, because that's our special tv-show bonding thing. I'm going to explode! It's so hard not to tap into that DVR.

I guess I just have to read fic. As if that's a bad thing!

Speaking of fic, I can't seem to write one of those damn things without doubling or tripling my intended word-count. How do you guys write concise, lovely fics? Mine are monsters. I'm like, "Hey, fic, could you be 10k?"

Fic is like, "Cool, bra, but how about 25k?"


"Yeah. :)"

Tags: real life, space marine
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