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REC: Second Cup (Dudley/Draco)

This story was something else. I have a soft spot for this pairing, but haven’t read it in a long time. This author did not disappoint! Though, the fic was for Dudley Redeemed, it was really like Everyone Redeemed. Or, at least, the author took the time to shed light on the fact that people can make mistakes and still be good people, people who will probably always suffer from those mistakes.

Dudley was incredibly endearing. He was a softer Dudley, who I wanted to know. He wasn’t absent of his original characterization; that characterization informed the way he changed and was actively trying to keep changing.

Draco was suitably broken from the war, but not so much that his arrogance didn’t shine through. I loved the way he interacted with Dudley. I won’t ruin it, but damn they were endearing just talking and interacting with each other.

On top of it, it was convincing romance for me! Moreover, the friendships Dudley made with various wizarding characters were beyond strong and endearing. And, of course, that pivotal moment when Dudley meets Harry as an adult for the first time was present, and it thrilled me to see.

I really enjoyed this fic. Do give it a go!


Originally posted by dudley_mod at FIC. "Second Cup" by katmarajade, Dudley/Draco, PG-13
Title: Second Cup
Author: katmarajade
Prompt: Coffee Shop Fic
Pairing: Dudley/Draco (with sides of Zacharias/Marietta & Angelina/Alicia)
Rating: PG-13
Warning(s): Some language; discussion and a brief, non-graphic scene of bullying; excessive caffeine.
Word count: 11,867
Summary: Down on his luck, Dudley finds his second chance in a most unexpected place: a coffee shop owned by Zach and Marietta. He learns how to roast coffee beans, make a mean macchiato, and that he’s not the only one struggling to move on from past mistakes.
Author's notes: Many thanks to the mods for hosting this party and for being extremely patient with my delays and frazzled emails. Thanks also to aigooism for looking this over and general cheerleading, wwmrsweasleydo for her detailed beta and britpick, starsandgraces for cheerfully answering a bajillion britpicky questions, my many f-listers who helped me come up with all the coffee drinks in here, browngirl for her guidance on Angelina’s hair, and also my husband, who betaed this like the hero he is (even though I don’t think he cares one bit whether Dudley is redeemed or not!)
Disclaimer: Harry Potter and all associated characters and settings remain the intellectual property of JK Rowling and her associates. We are very grateful for permission to play with them.
Mod note: Posted to Dreamwidth because of LJ's length restrictions.

Second Cup on Dreamwidth
Tags: recs, recs: draco/dudley

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