Natt (nattish) wrote,

Sequel Update

And now for something not at all conflicting and completely joyous!

I’m posting the 1st of 2 sequels to A Balancing Act in one week. I’m over the moon to see this story concluded. If you haven’t read A Balancing Act and are interested, it is here. (Or on AO3: here.)

Draco has lost his parents, friends, and all sense of security. Hogwarts is a lonely place for a boy who used to have it all. Then, one day, he finds comfort in someone unexpected—Harry Potter, who is keeping a most tantalizing secret. Harry/Draco, NC-17, gender-bending. (Canon through Book 5.)

If you have read it and would like to read the sequels, I will be posting a synopsis of A Balancing Act along with the upcoming part.

The third story in the series is also complete, and will be posted a short spell after the second.

Tags: fic: a balancing act
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