Natt (nattish) wrote,

Wonderland Trail

So, I'm finally, finally hitting the road (tomorrow) after pushing back my summer trip for weeks. Headed from Northern Ca. up to Washington state to Mt. Rainier to hike the Wonderland Trail for (nearly) two glorious weeks; 93 miles of nature! My trip buddy has done it, says it's only a little challenging, but I'm not the most experienced hiker. That said, I like wildlife, nature, and time with my thoughts. I'm hoping to outline my new novel plot and also outline a fic for an upcoming fest while I'm there. It'll be great! I hope. Even if it's not great, I'll return with some buff-ass calves.

Anyway! If I don't respond to messages and such in the next two weeks, it's because I have no Interwebs. If I don't respond in the next 3 weeks, well, I was eaten by a bear. :)

Goodbye! ♥

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