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REC: You were a miracle. I was just holding your space. (Harry/Draco; NC-17)

Originally posted by eevilalice at You were a miracle. I was just holding your space. (Harry/Draco; NC-17)
Author: eruditefics
Title: You were a miracle. I was just holding your space.
Rating: NC-17
Ship(s): Harry/Draco, side pairings: Ron/Hermione, mentions of Neville/Hannah, Pansy/George?/Lee?
Genre(s): Romance, Drama
Length: 19800 approx
Warnings/Contains: Non-con situations at the beginning (not H/D), brutality, angst, heavy doses of Ron Weasley in a positive role
Summary: Draco Malfoy has walked through hell, but when an unlikely friendship and an unpleasant spell push him towards Harry Potter, Draco will have to decide what he’s worth and what he’s willing to give for the sake of moving on.
Disclaimer: I own absolutely no character mentioned in this story and I’m not making money off of this at all.
A/N: Thank you to C for the beta. The lyrics are by Gregory Alan Isakov from the song Big Black Car (evocative music that you should listen to while reading this because it’s just wonderful). Dear recipient: I tried to fit in all of your prompts, I changed the setting and the catalyst a little, but I hope this is what you had in mind!

You were a miracle. I was just holding your space.


So, I was wandering around in deflower_draco and stumbled upon this great fic from last year! It starts off dark, but quickly goes into being a hurt/comfort sort of story, and quickly from there becomes an intriguing and often funny romance/drama. It was a joy to read!
Tags: recs, recs: bottom!draco, recs: hurt/comfort, recs: noncon, recs: top!harry

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