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Anatomical Natt


Natt's Journal: fandom, fandom, fandom...

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Anatomical Natt

FIC: Draco Malfoy and the Secret Inheritance (Part 3)

Draco Malfoy and the Secret Inheritance -- PART 3
by Natt

Pairing: Harry/Draco
Summary: Draco is pregnant. Pregnant! At age 16, no less, and (if you hadn’t noticed) he’s a bloke. How on Earth did this happen? If that’s not upsetting enough, he has no idea who fathered the damn thing. Lust, lies, and scandal abound! NC-17, EWE

Total Word Count: 47k

A/N: This is the conclusion! The end! Thank you for reading and enjoying and yay!

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Part 1
Part 2
Part 3


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Rec: FIC: Draco Malfoy and the Secret Inheritance (Part 3)

User eidheann_writes referenced to your post from Rec: FIC: Draco Malfoy and the Secret Inheritance (Part 3) saying: [...] Part 3/3 is now up! Originally posted by at FIC: Draco Malfoy and the Secret Inheritance (Part 3) [...]

“Draco lived with the Dark Lord for a year and fought with a bum wand during the Battle. He’s more a man than you’ve ever been.”
^- Oh my god, BLESS YOU, GOYLE.

Oh, poor angsting Draco baby. And poor daft Harry. And they're just so cute together when they finally get alone and Harry just is like, Fuck this *KISS*.

And -
" “You know I won’t stop trying until you give me my girl,” he said, moving slowly. “I’ll knock you up ten times, if I have to. Just the thought of you swollen with my child—”
Ahhhhhh. whY DOES THAT always gross me out with het pregnancies but it makes me so ridiCULOUSLY HAPPY IN GAY ONES ugh what.

"Harry flung the sheets back over himself, only to realize I had magicked on his sweatpants and cleaned us up, too. Did his cute dumb-arsery know no bounds?"
Fffffft awww. XD

“Because you broke it!”
“Nuh-uh, you broke it with your face!”

Oh, geez, our nephews have had almost this same conversation, but about a finger instead of a face. XD

"If it’s not a girl this time, I’m done. You can run off and adopt one of those orphans you’re always rescuing from trees"

“Draco.” He gave me that look he always did when I was overly foul-mouthed or refused to pick up after myself. “I want to know if something’s up. Let’s go tomorrow.”
Ha. I KNEW it. At this point I went, Oh god he's already pregnant. XD

Ahhhhhh, lovely love fic ♥

What a nice review! That family scene at the end was so gushy and fluffy, I knew it had to be short, lest everyone get cavities. ;)

Thank you so much for reading and letting me know. <3

I loved this so much. I'm really terrible at writing coherent comments, but I want you to know how much I enjoyed reading this. The way you wrote Draco here -- with humor and sensitivity -- just perfect. And I loved the friendship between him and Hermione.

Good pregnant!Draco is basically my favorite thing to read and there's really not enough, so THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for writing such a great mpreg story!!!

Thank yoooou! I'm very happy you consider it good mpreg. It was a joy for me to write and a joy to see you reviewing at each installment. Thanks again. :D:D

reposting comment after realising I did it the first time with a mod account. D'oh!

I can't even start to tell you how much I loved this fic.. Okay... I'm lying. I can.

ahem... I adore how you wound the H/D story in with canon so seamlessly that I bought it without batting an eyelash. I loved all the sexy times between Draco and his three blokes, but the end there... guh... I simply go gaga over sexy "put a baby in me" talk.

Draco was fun and charming and very teenage in his development (as he should be) through the majority of the fic, and I loved reading from his prospective. I loved what you did with Montague's character as well and found myself with real tears in my eyes in the "during the battle scene." Blaise was brilliant too, all aloof and snarky, perfect fuck buddy, but not husband material.

I liked how you brought Hermione into it as well and how Ginny was sporty and flirty, a bit fiery and brazen, but you pulled off her interactions without character bashing her, which I appreciate. If it was my boyfriend in that situation, I can't say I wouldn't be acting out in a similar manner.

Thank you, thank you for all the time and effort you put into writing this lovely fic! It's an instant favorite of mine and one I'm sure I'll return to when I need a smile.

On Ginny bashing: Oh, I'm so glad you said that! I was worried. I didn't want anyone thinking I was bashing her or disliked her, but I don't think she would trust Draco, we already know she's a brazen lady, and I don't think she'd cope well at all with that ending between Harry and Draco! So, I'm glad if you think she came across human. :)

I'm very happy you liked it. Thanks for saying such kind things and making my day with a lovely review!

Oh my god. This fic! THIS FIC!

I just can't tell you enough times how much I love the voice you gave Draco. Man, it was such a blast being with him along with this amazing ride.

From the moment he knew he was pregnant, when he was telling his parents to the last surprise he has stored for Harry, I LOVED HIM.

There was that something so incredibly engaging (and even endearing) about him. His amazing sense of humour, the way he faced every moment, in his own brave way, you know what I mean? It was so Dracoish. :D

I loved how you wrote Harry, too. This last part was pure love for him, too. And Ron!

Weasley cut in. “Oy, everyone keeps thinking Harry was driving, but I was the one driving! Who do you think was parking the damn thing while he strutted in?”

That part was so full of teh awesome. All the way through I loved how you wrote Ron. Hermione, too, obviously! And Pansy! Ohh! And Goyle!

“Draco lived with the Dark Lord for a year and fought with a bum wand during the Battle. He’s more a man than you’ve ever been.”


I loved it though. I loved how the moment Harry went to meet Draco to see Armand was so them, and so unlike them at the same time. Without the fighting and the drama, but that simple look that spoke volumes, you know what I mean?

And before that, that nearly interlude against the tree! Man!

I loved so many things, and let me tell you, that ending was pure gold. I loved how much it said about their relationship and the life they have together. It was perfect. :) Thank you, I enjoyed this more than I can tell.


And thank you for giving such kind and lovely reviews for each chapter. It's been such fun posting this thing. And -- just ask Marianne -- I've been waiting and prodding at this thing for months, so it's a relief great folks such as yourself have enjoyed it.

Goyle is the man. I loved that guy. Just want to hug him. Also Ron! What would we do without loyal and funny supporting characters? And the tree scene made me swoon, and I wrote the damn thing. LOL!

Thank you, thank you, thanks a billion. :)

Draco Malfoy and the Secret Inheritance by nattish

User capitu referenced to your post from Draco Malfoy and the Secret Inheritance by nattish saying: [...] Title: Draco Malfoy and the Secret Inheritance [...]

The Malfoy's reactions had me LOLOLing so hard - "charming garden" to describe Hargrid's house and Snape - I loved how he had he last laugh. And I think I fell in live with Harry (and Hermione!) all over again!!!

Just what I needed this summer. Brilliant mpreg fic!

Thank you very much! I had such fun writing this. <3

Thank you!! Cute user pic!

Loved this story!! First some favourite lines of brilliance:

Well, the war had been a lovely holiday, but now it was time to get back to the grind.

You’d be wrong. But you also know...sometimes I lie.

“What am I, the Virgin Malfoy?”

“I love how we have a marriage of equity and respect.”

Your Draco was just perfect. I loved his ideas about Ron/Hermione foreplay, and his mix of horror and pride at seeing himself in Hermione.

I loved Armand and Harry's interactions. Armand taking Harry's side after Harry publicly outed them was so cute!

The epilogue was perfect. Very cute and sweet, but as snarky and playful as the rest. Thank you for sharing this.

Thank you so much for reading. I'm thrilled you enjoyed it! :)

I rec'd you on H/D Storyroom!!


I just loved this, Natt. After I finished part three I had to take some time to collect my feels. They were all over the place!
So romantic!!
I just love these boys so much, and you reminded me why <3

Thank you! I am very happy you enjoyed. And what a lovely rec at H/D Storyroom. I'm so very flattered. :))

(Deleted comment)
Oh, I'm glad it captured your interest. Thank you so much for letting me know. It was fun, fun, fun to write. :)

Perfect! I love your gay Draco. I love your oblivious Harry. I love ghost Snape! And the family at the end... just perfect. I will be re-reading this one soon.

How flattering, thank you!!

Cute kitty. :D

Monday, 12 August 2013

User nursedarry referenced to your post from Monday, 12 August 2013 saying: [...] Fest [R][warnings]. Fiction - WIP finished Draco Malfoy and the Secret Inheritance with Part Three [...]

(Deleted comment)
Thank you! Detail-researching the canon and writing the story around it was a task, so I'm glad you got a kick out of it. Thanks for letting me know. :D

Completely delightful, by the time it ended! But getting there was one hell of a ride! I enjoyed reading this very much. :D

Thank you! I'm very happy you enjoyed. <3