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Anatomical Natt


Natt's Journal: fandom, fandom, fandom...

Fics! Recs! Yeah!

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Anatomical Natt

FIC: Draco Malfoy and the Secret Inheritance (Part 1)

Draco Malfoy and the Secret Inheritance
by Natt

Pairing: Harry/Draco
Summary: Draco is pregnant. Pregnant! At age 16, no less, and (if you hadn’t noticed) he’s a bloke. How on Earth did this happen? If that’s not upsetting enough, he has no idea who fathered the damn thing. Lust, lies, and scandal abound! NC-17, EWE

A/N: This is Part 1 of a COMPLETE 3-Part novella.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Beta: Thank you, thank you, thank you to eidheann_writes for helping me see the light with Draco’s POV and being kind, patient, and ever-insightful.

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Hooray! Now I can finally squee about this publicly!

Hooraaay! Thank you for helping me polish this up! <3!!

FIC: Draco Malfoy and the Secret Inheritance (Part 1)

User eidheann_writes referenced to your post from FIC: Draco Malfoy and the Secret Inheritance (Part 1) saying: [...] go read this. Now. Originally posted by at FIC: Draco Malfoy and the Secret Inheritance (Part 1) [...]

Oh, I'm at the edge of my seat with anticipation for the next part! Beautifully done!

I'm awful happy you enjoyed! Thank you.

re: FIC: Draco Malfoy and the Secret Inheritance (Part 1)

Fascinating stuff. It's been a long time since I've read a sixth year fic like this one. It's got a wonderfully old school feel to it. *swoons* Can't wait for Wednesday.

Re: FIC: Draco Malfoy and the Secret Inheritance (Part 1)

I do like old school. <3 Thank you for reading!

This is so, so good. I just love the voice you gave Draco. It's kind of chaotic, in a way, so very sneaky, a little bit cowardly, manipulative, volatile and emotional in a very Draco-ish, you know? It's perfect.

And it fits perfect with the plot, because this is such a difficult time for him, too! I love how you fitted the plot with the HBP. I love how his feelings came up to Myrtle in the bathroom. I loved the talk with Narcissa, and that bit with Blaise was amazing!

I truly loved the beginning.

“Draco,” she said, so quietly I could only hear the consonants. “You must be mistaken...perhaps it’s indigestion.”

That made me LOL so hard. Honestly. Poor Draco. Indigestion indeed. If only!

And then that part of being hot for bravado, thinking up Harry's reaction and then what really happened. Oh, Draco. I just loved that.

Loved it all. I can't wait for the rest of this. <3

I so rarely write Narcissa, so she was a joy.

The bravado part might have been my favorite part to write in this section. Draco's got a wonderfully dirty mind, in my opinion. ;)

Also, the Draco voice. Blame (thank!) eidheann_writes for encouraging that hard. <3333

I'm so happy you're enjoying it! Thank you.

Awesome beginning. I cannot wait to read the next two parts.

Why thank you, anonymous! ;)

Oh wow, this is fantastic! I can't wait until Wednesday!

Thank you! I'm excited, too. :o)

This is brilliant, and I don't know whether to be frustrated or delighted that there are two more parts! I'm thrilled to have more goodness, but I want it now!

Teehee! I'm glad you like it. More ever so soon!

Oh God. I don't know if I have the mental fortitude to wait for the next bit of amazingness!!

This is amazing so far. I just love Draco's voice! I love Harry! I love the sex! I love bastard!Blaise! I love that Draco has so much sex. I'd like to see loads more sex. I love Lucius!!!

Basically I love everything and this comment is made of squee.

Can't wait for the next installment!!!!

Anxiously (i.e. bouncing around the place and nail biting like a madwoman) awaiting part 2!!!

Thank you for this review! I'm so happy you're enjoying. I really love this fic. :D:D

Oh, and Part 2 is posted. Wheeeee!

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