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My hands are dry; I would like lotion--but not scented lotion, please!

Have I not much to say, but believe I that an entry is long overdue. Erm...

--Working continuously on TOP SECRET FIC. *side glances* You saw this not! Comes it along nicely...Hurrah! 'Tis a rough and mere 4000 words thus far; still, think I that it has been a break of grandness from the light and slight morsel of writers block experienced I these past seven days.... Started it I Sunday, methinks, and 'twill result as much longer than originally anticipated. Satisfied am I. Hurrah!

--Had I planned a lovely rant concerning characterization of Malfoy and Snape and Harry. Intended I to insult my self as well as others. Be it unfortunate that captured my mind a great fatigue tonight. P'raps the weekend!

--Regarded I the television this morning whilst ran children's programs. Have had I a streak of age regression (or entertainment preference regression) for--bah! counting!--three, perhaps four days or so. Ashamed am I not! Cartoons be the fruit of the fruit of the womb. Make that any sense? Though I not.

Fare you well 'till meet we once more! Be it in life or death, I will bow and say "How do you do?"


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