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Masterlist: Natt's HP Fic

If you've come for fic, you're in the right place. There is slightly more selection on my homepage, but these are the works I find noteworthy.


Learning to Spell
Harry is very young and has been sent to live with Snape. He finds it easier to make friends with the forest creatures than the mean old man.


    Long Fic --

Draco Malfoy and the Secret Inheritance
Draco is pregnant. Pregnant! At age 16, no less, and (if you hadn't noticed), he's a bloke. How on Earth did this happen? If that isn't upsetting enough, he has no idea who fathered the damn thing. Lust, lies, and scandal abound! (46k) (AO3)
-- mpreg, explicit sex, EWE

A Balancing Act
Draco has lost his parents, friends, and all sense of security. Hogwarts is a lonely place for a boy who used to have it all. Then, one day, he finds comfort in someone unexpected -- Harry Potter, who is keeping a tantalizing secret. (38k) (AO3) (PART 1 of a complete 3-part series.)
-- gender-bending, explicit sex, EWE

Bearded Lady
(SEQUEL TO: A Balancing Act) Harry has a choice to make before his 17th birthday: does he want to be male or female? Not as easy as it sounds for someone who’s appeared to be a boy but actually has had the bits of a girl his whole life. Meanwhile, Draco’s choices with Voldemort will decide his fate, as well as the fate of his father. (21k) (AO3)
-- gender-bending, explicit sex, EWE

Carnival Games
(SEQUEL TO: Bearded Lady) The war is over. Having spent the last year spying for the Order and trying his best to protect his father from Voldemort’s wrath, Draco has come out alive, if alone. When he learned after the Battle that Harry had changed sexes, becoming completely male, he broke up with him promptly and insensitively. Draco didn’t return to Hogwarts for 8th year, and now he’s left wondering what to do with himself. (36k)
-- gender-bending, explicit sex, EWE

Getting Over Saving the World
Harry was a hero, but now he's not. Unable to cope with his mundane life, he acts out with violence, vandalism, and hedonistic behaviors. He is sentenced to community service for his crimes, and there he finds a reason to move on. (44k)
-- off-the-deep-end!Harry, drama, angst, explicit sex

    One-shot/Short Fic --

The Many Lives of Love
When a Ministry time travel mission goes terribly wrong, Harry is sent to the future and Draco and sent to the past. Young Draco doesn't know why, but he feels compelled to make choices he never thought possible before; unknowingly, he alters reality, the future, and his relationship with Harry Potter -- forever? (27k)
-- drama, brief Harry/Draco/Pansy, NC-17

White Roses
It's 1924, and Harry is a Chosen Boy. A Chosen Boy must be groomed. A Chosen Boy must be betrothed. And he must true unto the House he is wed. Technically...technically...Harry has done all those things. (6k)
-- mpreg, (Harry/Draco + Harry/Lucius), NC-17

Draco Falling
An eighth-year romance, where Draco falls. He falls from roof tops. He falls from grace. He falls for Gryffindors. (6k)
-- featuring Neville/Draco, sexual content

Scrap Paper
The students of Hogwarts are obsessed with origami, and everyone takes advantage of the trend in their own way.
-- romance, sexual content.


The Second Best Christmas
Harry doesn't think he'll ever have as good a Christmas as the one he spent with Sirius. Ron tries to give him one, anyway.
-- bottom!Harry, explicit sex
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