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Anatomical Natt


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Link & chickens.

Draco asking for his wand back

So, HP Wiki quotes Draco asking Harry for his wand back at some point (I'm sure it has to be Deathly Hallows), but I can't seem to find an exact citation for it.

Does anyone know the chapter or the page number, where this appears?

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That's from the movie only, actually! It's likely based on this exchange in chapter 31 of DH:

“That’s my wand you’re holding, Potter,” said Malfoy, pointing his own through the gap between Crabbe and Goyle.
“Not anymore,” panted Harry, tightening his grip on the hawthorn wand. “Winners, keepers, Malfoy. Who’s lent you theirs?”
“My mother,” said Draco.

Oh gosh, thanks! You don't know how long I've been trying to figure out where that came from. :o)

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