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Dear friends, lovers, and compatriots!

I'm soon going to be experiecing a boring stay in the hospital for 4 days. No worries. Nothing serious. Except for the whole "boring" part. Boredom is serious business.

While I still identify with fandom, I haven't actually read more than 2-3 fanfics in the past 2-3 years. Curious! So, rather than skim through years of text, I was wondering if any of you could -- off the top of your heads, of course -- think of any rather magnificent, populuar, well-written, entertaining, and/or altogether wonderful works of fic that have been published in that time. Anything standard and well-kown would be grand, as it is cetain I've never heard of it. This little head of mine is full of cobwebs. Fill it with fafic joy?

The old prefs: Harry/Draco; Harry/Snape; and -- as I believe it is customary to acknowledge nowadays? -- prologue compatibility is NOT strictly neccessary. :)

Many thanks.

PS: If anyone is in need of a beta-reader soon, I might also be interested in taking on a small project of that sort while I'm away.

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