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Entry from the paaaast.

Found this entry I wrote a few months ago, but never posted for some reason. I thought it was funny:

SO. It's been a while for me and fandom and Livejournal and such. This is my story for today:

--At first I couldn't remember my LJ password.
--Then I realized it wasn't that I had forgotten my password; it was that I had typed in the wrong screen name. Huh.
--As I was scrolling down my friends list I realized I didn't recognize most of the names, or at least I couldn't relate the names to stories or artwork or blogs like I used to.
--Then I saw the word "slash". And it took me a second to recall what it meant.

No worries. These symptoms have cleared up.

I start university tomorrow for the first time. Just received my AA degree in the mail from community college. It was anti-climactic. I nervous about tomorrow!


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