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Shirtless Dean Thomas

I rather like this new icon. If only I could find a nice picture for Seamus as well. I have had a soft spot for Seamus and Dean since I don't know when; they should both get the proper attention they deserve! And yes, I am definitely a Dean/Seamus shipper. *rummages for Mudblood/Half-blood flag*

The full pic is here. *drool* Apparently, his name is not Dean, but Gary. Hmph. Gary's mouth looks more smiley in the original picture. Thank you to Nancy Green, who took this lovely picture at this photography site. I don't know you, but you've made my day.

I've read a bit of Seamus/Draco; I've never come across any Dean/Draco. *ponders* Perhaps it had to do with the fact that Deany is Muggle-born (though that doesn't stop you occasional fruits from writing Draco/Hermione *shudder*). When I have the time and patience, I will indeed write one. With luck, in the meantime, I will find one to read.
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