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Anatomical Natt


Natt's Journal: fandom, fandom, fandom...

Fics! Recs! Yeah!

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Anatomical Natt

Shirtless Dean Thomas

I rather like this new icon. If only I could find a nice picture for Seamus as well. I have had a soft spot for Seamus and Dean since I don't know when; they should both get the proper attention they deserve! And yes, I am definitely a Dean/Seamus shipper. *rummages for Mudblood/Half-blood flag*

The full pic is here. *drool* Apparently, his name is not Dean, but Gary. Hmph. Gary's mouth looks more smiley in the original picture. Thank you to Nancy Green, who took this lovely picture at this photography site. I don't know you, but you've made my day.

I've read a bit of Seamus/Draco; I've never come across any Dean/Draco. *ponders* Perhaps it had to do with the fact that Deany is Muggle-born (though that doesn't stop you occasional fruits from writing Draco/Hermione *shudder*). When I have the time and patience, I will indeed write one. With luck, in the meantime, I will find one to read.

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i really wanted to write dean/draco fic... as an artist, i can tell you nothing intrigues me more than a person with perfect features.

You really wanted to write Dean/Draco? What's stopping you, then? :) *sits and waits*

hee... well, mainly ... i'm a lazy SOD face. ^^;; i might do it later ... after i write a ron/draco/harry. because i got bitten by the bug of sticky, sweaty threesomes. ^___^;

Ah! I seem to not attract that bug. Rarely am I in the mood for anything with more than two people involved. But good luck with your Ron/Draco/Harry

thanks! i'll need it ... desperatly...

o.O pretty....

I enjoy Dean/Seam on occasion, but I'm not really all about them... But hey, yahoo for Mudblood/Half-blod loving!

Oh, really? *shakes finger* But they were just meant to be! Then again--*cringe*--that's just like me saying that Harry and Ron were meant to be...or worse: Harry and Hermione! *whips out Harry/Draco flag*

way back when fansucktion.net (some may refer to it as ff.net) had NC17 fiction, there was this one really lovely fic called How Could You Do this to me Draco by sapphire sky.

That fic is GONE now. And i want it back. *wails*

Anyway, it involved Draco cheating on Harry with Dean. Sort of Draco/Dean i guess. ^___________^ But very harry/draco in the end. Heeh.

Ew...Draco/Hermione fic. That's almost...beastality.

How Could You Do this to me Draco by sapphire sky.

*strokes goatee* Hmmm. I think I just might recall that. Just vaguely, so I cannot be sure. And it ended up Harry/Draco? Good enough for me! *waves Happy Flag* Whether I do recall or not, thinking of it makes me want to smack ff.net with a large stick.

That's almost...beastality. *major snortage* Be nice to the poor dear! It's not her fault her hair resembles a woodland creature! (Come to think of it, mine sort of does, too....)

Face and style is just right... but he's way too beefy! I picture Dean as being sort of slender, artistic, you know?


Agreed. I don't imagine Dean as the chunky-guy type either, but the hat (and yes, the general air of the photograph) just screamed Dean, so that was overlooked.

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