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Edits; Azkatraz; Polygamist Malfoy

Tired, tired, but will update anyhow.

Been tweaking past fanfiction. A lot of it is vile. I feel compelled to change so much that my past works might come out looking like something completely different. The only thing stopping me is I don't want to be mistaken for George Lucas. I kid! I don't overhaul my more horrid fics because I'd like it to be clear that I've made progress as an author over these years. They serve as reminders. Plus -- they make the newer stuff look like pure gold. :\

Also, I had no idea about azkatraz, referring to the event, not the LJ comm. Serious possibility I may attend, as San Francisco's two hours from here. Yaaaay. Now about those funds...

In other news, I have a plotbunny about Draco Malfoy as a secret polygamist. We'll see where that goes.

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