Natt (nattish) wrote,

The ripe, dripping, throbbing plumb

A few days ago, I had a dream that I would spill some sort of orange substance on a thick, loved book. Today I spilled orange-pineapple juice on my GoF. Didn't stain, I am happy to say...just left those little ripply water marks, you know?

In my surprise, I accidentally smacked the metal table at which I sat. Why keep a fecking metal table in a public building? --It's a hazard! Hmph. My thumb, which was wounded (*sniffle*) throbbed! While the wound was fresh I muttered to it (yes, I spoke to my thumb) "Red and swollen like a ripe, plump plumb...", which reminded me of something that would be an interesting way to describe James Potter's erection in my little Draco/James fic. (It is not coming along so badly, by the way.) Then it occurred to me that to depict James' penis as a fruit may not be best; I did not want to entice Draco into tasting it, as oral sex was not something commonly done in the time period during which the story it set. Besides, it kind of sounded funny anyway...

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