Natt (nattish) wrote,

Life update. Kollege!

I've had a permanent account for upwards of 3 years now. And how many user-pics do I have? Like 20 (and I mostly only use the default). And do I do any fancy stuff with my journal? Doesn't look like it. That's why they call me Boring Old Stephanie.


Woke up earlier than a reasonable person should wake up (8 AM) to register for classes at CSU Sacramento (AKA -- The Black Hole That Will Consume Me), so I'd be the first transfer student to register and therefore get all the classes I want (relative to the graduation requirements forced upon me). Success!

Linguistics Intro <3
American Governments
History of Civilization, 1600s-present
English Comp, again. (Those money suckers want me to prove I can write an elementary essay over and over and over and over.)


And kissmyass_cosmo seems like a swell place.

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