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Anatomical Natt


Natt's Journal: fandom, fandom, fandom...

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Anatomical Natt

FIC: Father Knows Best; (gen)

Father Knows Best
By Natt

Summary: A very young Draco Malfoy learns a life lesson from his father.


On my sixth birthday I got really nice bucket for my sandbox. This bucket wasn't just good for molding ovular towers for sandcastles. It could form any shape you wanted it to, and all you had to do was fill the bucket with sand, turn it over, and say, "Caterpillar!" and the sand would turn out in the shape of a caterpillar or "Shoe!" and it would turn out in the shape of a shoe.

Pansy came over to help me celebrate that day, along with two fat boys I'd never met, and the first thing she did when we went outside was steal my bucket. Even as a child she was a selfish wench.

Of course, all I had to do was go see my dad on the deck, where he was sitting with mum watching us play.

"Pansy tripped me!" I cried. "And she took my bucket! Can't you hex her, please?"

He told me, "Son, we've talked about being violent toward women. It's inappropriate. However, making them cry is something completely different."

"Could I really? How am I going to do that?"

Dad gazed at me thoughtfully. I got the feeling I was being measured up for aptitude, and sure enough I passed the test.

"Well," he explained, "you've got to know what she's sensitive about, what she doesn't like to talk about. Think of something in her life that embarrasses or hurts her, and then shove it in her face."

"I know just the thing!" I cried, and climbed onto dad's chair to whisper in his ear.

A few educational moments later, I marched up to the girl who was currently shoving sand into my bucket in my sandbox and said, "Only an animal would trip me like you did, Pansy. And with a nose like that, I'd wager you've got pig in your blood." She frowned at me for a moment. Then I added, "Oh, and your just mum died, didn't she? Too bad for you."

I went back to dad and mum with a proud smile and a bucket in hand; I never told them that when Pansy began to sob, my insides had melted. Mum was shaking her head, but dad opened his arms, smiling indulgently.

"Those last comments were a bit graceless, but we'll work on it," he said, holding me close. "You're going to come across plenty of people who want to take advantage of you in life. You'll have to learn to defend yourself without your old dad telling you how. Chin up, son, she'll get over it. You did the right thing."

I always wondered why the right thing had to feel so nasty.


Notes: This fic is an excerpt that I edited out of a much larger Harry/Draco fic (coming soon). I liked it too much to throw away, though, and thought it could stand on it's own.

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Daddy is a real corker and a swine. Poor little Draco. No wonder he's a creep.

Like the story and idea. I can really see Lucius acting like this.

I've always thought of Draco as less innately mean and spiteful, and more of a daddy-pleaser. :)

Very hard to fly right if daddy clips your wings. Survival is only possible with some abusers if you kowtow to them until you can escape. Perhaps Draco will run someday.

You did a great job of portraying a young draco and the first of what were possibly man lessons in how to get his way.

I liked this. I agree that Draco wants to please his father; however, I've always seen canon Draco as someone whose mouth gets away from him when he doesn't get his own way--his tantrums and threats are so vitriolic. Obviously, he's spoiled...but it's more than that. But while I might disagree some about interpretation, I think there's lots of room for portraying characters and their motivations differently in fandom. This bit was well written and makes us care about Draco and Pansy both--it's a very real Draco in a universal childhood moment (though not all of us have Lucius and his hellacious advice to deal with as our father).

Oh, yes, I agree. Draco is someone who just pops off at the mouth when he doesn't get his way (or when he does get his way, and he just wants to be an ass). Though, I also see him as someone who takes many cues from his dad, whether consciously or unconsciously -- "Wait till my father hears about this!" and all that.

Thanks for reading (and reviewing). I don't know how you feel about Harry/Draco or gender-benders, but I'm posting the story this was derived from later this week.

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