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Anatomical Natt


Natt's Journal: fandom, fandom, fandom...

Fics! Recs! Yeah!

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Anatomical Natt


May sound cold, but my boyfriend was visiting me for the past three days (for Thanksgiving, yumyum), and I couldn't wait for him to leave. I was enjoying his company, but all I wanted to do was write fanfic. He's an avid gamer and he takes over my computer while he's here! How dare he. And I couldn't possibly write by hand because that's just primitive.

I think I want to read some House fic. House/Chase -- yessir, please. :9

But I can't! Cause I must write now. Almost finished with part 2/3.

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it happens and there's nothing wrong with it. 1) gamers are often irritating. 2) when the muse is there, IT'S THERE. you don't say no to that itch to write, ever! 3) we love 'em but we still are glad to toss our men out of the house for school/work/whatever...sometimes.

Hee, I feel somehow validated. I totally would have kicked him off, but then he would have been over my shoulder wanting to read my fanfic, which he is forbidden to see. :o) So, I resigned to dwelling and brainstorming in my head. It was almost as productive.

believe me, i hear you. i go twitchy when justin is just leaning over my shoulder to 'fix' my computer--and, of course, he closes the wrong windows, or reboots and ruins days of work. OMFG FURY. and when i'm writing, he leans in and reads (i'm entirely aware that i'm a double-sided bitch on this, i read over his shoulder all the damned time) and makes comments and i'm like WTF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT'S EVEN GOING ON.

i know i SHOULDN'T shout at him. but oh, do i EVER want to.

*waits impatiently and hopefully for your fic*

i don't think i would mind his appropriating my computer as much if he wouldn't *loom* over me and force me into a cramped and painful contortion underneath him while he does stuff with my computer, which is more personal than handling my body, dammit. so i'm forced into discomfort and watching discomfort. i know, i KNOW he doesn't mean any harm. but it's all triggery. if he was wise, he'd notice that i refuse to get out of my chair when he's all 'i'll work on your computer now, get out of the way'. he'd also notice that my mood declines at an exponential rate and that my body language shouts GET OUT OF MY TERRITORY.

i still love the dumbass.

Oooh, yes. I'm relating hardcore right now. My fellow keeps saying he needs to get at my computer, it's too slow, he needs to go through and fix it so it runs better for me. I know he's got pure intentions, but my fiction, man. My internet history, man. Keep thine eyes away! Not that I'm ashamed of any of it, but it's like my private world I want to keep for myself ONLY!

Luckily he has his own, super-cool gaming computer for when we move in together. *rolls eyes fondly*

Ew, reading over the shoulder! My mother used to do that, still does if she can manage. I feel bad for you there.

I don't remember your tastes, but I think you're a Harry/Draco gal? I hope you like the occasional gender-bender? :D I'm really having fun with this one.

i read over HIS shoulder mostly because he's forever calling me over to a) read something over his shoulder or b) do so while rubbing his neck/scratching his back. as for me, i like to get lost in my own PRIVATE worlds--not that i have anything to hide, but i'd rather share on my own terms. and i don't care about him seeing the fics or sites i visit, but again, when and as i wish? as for fixing my computer, i just get twitchy as hell because on occasion in the past, people have accidentally wiped drives or broken the computer entirely. i know he wouldn't do that, he's not a neophyte...but i get nervous.

i read h/d, snarry, genderfuck...actually, i read most everything that isn't OMG YAY HAPPY HET. and i even read a splash of that now and then. ;D

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