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Anatomical Natt


Natt's Journal: fandom, fandom, fandom...

Fics! Recs! Yeah!

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Fairy Snape.


I believe I just wrote fanfiction for the first time since well before The Half Blood Prince came out. Yeah, that's a long ass time. In fact, is Harry Potter fanfic thriving anymore since that ass-rip of an epilogue in the last book? I honestly don't know -- I haven't read one single fanfic in just as long. Let me know!

Who knows if this is a fluke or a magical sign of my return to this side of the tracks? Not I!

But! I expect to complete a delicious gender-bender of a Harry/Draco fic sometime between Thanksgiving and New Years. Fun, fun, fun for the whole family.

And then I'm getting married? WTF?

If you exist and you recognize me, give me a holler.

ALSO: If you've sent me an e-mail at all in the past, erm, year or two, I'm sorry I couldn't respond. I wasn't checking my e-mail. And when I finally did, Yahoo had deleted my inbox.

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OMG, glad to see you! Welcome back :)

And yes, HP fanfiction is still here :)

I know your face name!

Thank you! And glad to hear it!

I feel...pleased! I don't think I expected any response.


Congrats on getting married! I...well, don't have too much to say otherwise! I don't know anything about HP fanfic, either, I am so disjointed from Fandom. D:


Thanks very much! I think the last time I wrote fanfic, I had never even been kissed. Harharhar.

Disjointment is saaaad yet so true for maaaany.

Edited at 2008-11-24 09:42 am (UTC)

Well, I'm not sure I still exist, but I recognize you! Welcome back.

And I know you too!

And you certainly exist! I can feel you in my boooones. :O

omg hello

YEAAHHH some people are still around, they like to write fics about the next generation. :\\\ Harry's kid and Draco's kid (Albus Severus/Scorpius) is a pretty popular pairing.


NEXT GENERATION? Harry Potter turns Degrassi in one fell swoop! (Okay, Imma havta read me soma this....)

Thank you! And omg hello to you too, Simmmmy!

Wait wait, you're getting married?! WHA!? Congrats!

PS: welcome back to the world of the digital!

Married indeed! Pretty weird! But thank you!

Good to be baaaack.

Hey there, you. Nice to see you posting again. :)

And congratulations on getting married! :D

Heeey thar you, arrrr!

Thank you! It's good to hear your voice...see your text? :o)

i exist and i still <3 you.


Thanks very much! And I'm glad you still exist (and with the exact same icon -- this tickles me very much, for some reason)! <3

i haven't changed it in nearly 10 years, i'm not going to start now!

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