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Anatomical Natt


Natt's Journal: fandom, fandom, fandom...

Fics! Recs! Yeah!

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Anatomical Natt

Oh, hello.

Just wanted to check if there was an uproar about Dumbledore, and there kind of is. This is pleasing to me. :)

Hey, I miss yous guys.

EDIT: I think the last time I updated I was a virgin. Hahahahahahah. Virgin.

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Just days off of two years since you last updated, too!

LOL, I'm still a virgin. :)


Weird! About the updating. Not the virginity. Erm. La! :D

Hello! How's life?

Nah, the virginity thing is weird too. :P

It's good, actually! How's yours?

Life is funny, sad, confusing, boring, lonely, happy, and exhausting. But other than that... :O

Oh good, you ARE alive. I was just thinking "I wonder where that Natt has gone..." the other day, and here you are, showing up on the flist. And devirginized, too. Good to hear. Good to hear.

Many apologies for acting dead! Unfortunately, real!life has moved in on fan!life in a most agressive manner. I should teach it a lesson. :D

That's understandable. But y'know. Maybe stopping by more than once every two years might be nice.

So how is life treating you?

i have missed you!!! and stumbled back into fandom and was like wah i miss this particular one :)

and then i saw this update and was like "ha the last time i checked fandom i was a virgin too."

<3 happy christmas!

Hi, if you're seeing this message it means that you still have Saeva friended but have not been friended back. Saeva is now friends only, but not to worry if you're still interested in reading my journal. I've created a mirror journal, which is also locked, at derelictdesktop. Please unfriend Saeva and friend DerelictDesktop if you wish to read my journal from now on.

P.S. If there are any entries you'd like to see from Saeva (posts you have in your memories or in your del.ico.us tags, etc.) drop me a line at derelictdesktop and I'll repost them as soon as possible.

Happy Birthday, Natt. I hope you're well!

I'm trying to get pdfs/single html files available of the H/D "classics" fics so I'm messaging all the authors on the list. Feel free to say no - here's the mass message bellow:

As the author of one the fics on the Harry/Draco Classics List, I was wondering if you would mind making it available as a PDF/single html file for easy reading? If you don't have the time to do it, I wouldn't mind doing it for you ^_^ You could then make it avalable on your lj (or an alternate online site) and I'd be able to link to that post/site for people who a) can't access certain sites (like LJ) b) are travelling/on vacation c) would like it on mobile devices.

If you would rather not have your story made available in this way, feel free to say so - I just thought it would make it easier for a lot of people to get into some of the earlier fics in the fandom :)

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