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Anatomical Natt


Natt's Journal: fandom, fandom, fandom...

Fics! Recs! Yeah!

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Let's talk

Still here


I'm desperately trying to get involved in fandom again. I want to write fic. I want to read fic. Mostly I want to interact with people...with YOU GUYS, which I've never done much of before. But now seems like a good enough time to try. Look, I even posted at mctabby's Friending Frenzy thing.

So, it just occurred to me: If you have me friended, but I haven't friended you, and you wouldn't mind if I did friend you – comment here! So that I can do that. Because, yeah, I'd like to see who is around and what you are like. Say hi? :D

Also, I am really contemplating Lumos. Hmmm.

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Saying hi back!

I like your username.

Hi! I seem to have you friended, and I can't exactly remember why...*searches brain* I think that it was because of your fic. Anyway...I am a very friendly person, so I couldn't resist another person being friendly! I wouldn't mind at all if you friend me back...if you want. I'm a mix of fandom and RL, I'll friend lock the RL stuff but...if I've already friended you then you'll see it! Check out my journal first if you want.

Sorry, this has been a bit of a ramble. *hugs* hope we can get to know each other more!

Hi! I like rambling, no worries. ;) I also like your journal. I'll read anything, fandom or RL, and you seem have a lot of both. I hope to get to know you more, too!

PS: Your icon = heheheh.

Hi! Yes, I have you friended, and after some
investigating I'm sure it was because of the mpreg love. :D
I'm a rather lurkish person myself, though.
But maybe we could kick each others ass to get back/really into fandom?

PS: Love your Link icons. I tipped my toes into Zelda fandom once too.
Read some hot scary tentacle porn. O_o

Oooh, mpreg and Zelda? It must be love. :D

Yes, we should probably give each a kick every so often. *kicks you gently*

Saying hi!

I'm new to your f-list, I just added you after reading your comment in McTabby's entry(I left a comment there too, btw, sorry for the spam. But I thought I'd say a proper hello here too :D ). I don't mind if you friend me. :)

Hi back! I just friended you, my fellow non-straight!Draco advocate. :D

Your icon is so cute, whee.

I'm contemplating Lumos as well. Still haven't decided. SO MUCH MONEY. :))

I know! And I actually have the money, but I don't know whether I want to spend it, and I'm afraid of traveling that far and having no one to room with or talk to and -- eek! Fear holds me back. :o)

If we both went I would love to meet you and be like, "Hello!"

Yeah. I'm afraid of having no one to room with too. I'd offer, but I'm not really sure I'll go, so! :))

Same. :D

*waves* Hey, I'm Janel. Here through the friend-frenzy-thingymabob

You seem cool, we've got loads of the same hp interestes (slash, harry/draco, seamus/dean, mpreg, harry/ron *waves otp flag*, writing, etc..)

Plus, you're around my age, and we've both from Cali! Though I have no idea where marysville is, lol.

Anyways, just wanted to say hi and see if you wanted to be friends (god I love the internet, you can act 5 and just tell people you like them, hehe)

Yay for all those interests you listed!

Marysville's in the north, pretty close to Sacramento. It's kind of cow-pokey. Where are you?

Let's be friends, yeah. Hahah, on the Internet you can be a super-dork and not really seem like one. That's good news for me. :D

Oh, ok. That's about 7 hours from me. I'm down in Ventura county. It's about 45 minutes south of L.A. or Hollywood.

Oh yeah, great news for me too! hehe

Hello! My name's Lolly, I'm yet another who's made her way here through the Frenzy. :)

Hi! I'm Natt. Well, no I'm not. But that's what I go by on the Internet, haha. :D

*friends you*

Yesss, precious.

Oops, wrong fandom.

You are going, yesss?

I'm going around deleting abandoned journals from my flist - can you let me know if you're still around?

you still alive kid? :-?

Natttttttt. Are you still around?

I live. But not around. :)

I was going to make a post the other day, actually, but I held back for some reason. It seemed silly to post out of the blue, when I had really nothing to say. I miss fanfic. <3

How are you?

Oh it's cool about not posting, really. I just wanted to make sure you were still alive and happy and whatnot. :)

I'm good, thanks. How are you?

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