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Exclamation Point

Dear everyone,

This is a piece of writing without purpose but to vent my intolerance.

I hate this!!!!!

Do you understand which horrible aspect of EVERYTHING to which the word "this" refers?????!!!!!!

Surely you will soon!!!!!!

Surely you notice a pattern???!!!

I am intolerant of the over-usage of exclamation points!!!!

I once had a pen friend who, for a day, annoyingly ended every sentence with one exclamation point to prove it displays an overly happy mood.--It worked. He was a genius. I have found that excess punctuation marks are much more irritating, however, in a single sentence than are a hundred sentences all ending with exclamation points! Do you see that? While this extends to my friends--hello, I do hope I've insulted those of you who participate in this practice. Yes, I know who you are--I am mainly referring to fic writers. I tend to stop reading a fic (unless the mistake is lone and the story is superb or I am familiar with the author) if I do come across more than one of the same punctuation mark. Tell me, does a person use more than one period to put emphasis on the ending of a sentence........? No, I think not! It is unnecessary! We are all bright enough to realize when your character is angry or confused; you needn't also convey that you are--what's the word?--stupid. </immature>

I feel like an idiot for saying that, but surprisingly FREE.

With glorious artificial love and adoration,

Ru av Natten

PS: Yes, I'm having a swell day, thanks.

Stupid is a vague word. I like it; it leaves others wondering what the intended message was.

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