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Harps and Nephews and Malfoys

Awoke at 8:30 AM surprisingly. That could have been due to the fact that The Nephew was squealing somewhere nearby. Later on, I saw my parents off to wherever they planned a vacation, turned around, and mentally shot The Nephew in the temple for having a lovely habit of spilling beverages purposely. The table is sticky with lemonade. Watched three Disney musicals (all on my own accord, rather than The Nephew's) which were The Little Mermaid (my favorite Disney musical of all time), Annie (the new version. I can't watch the old version--the little girl is ugly), and Beauty and the Beast (which immediately reminded me of katiethewriter).

Curious. I read through an AU fic the other day. It went through an altered version of HP and the Philosopher's Stone. When I came to the part concerning Fluffy and the harp that had been left behind by Quirrell, I wondered for the first time--why the flipping fuck did he bring a harp? A harp. A giant, frigging, harp. I don't think it an absurd notion that quivering, little Quirrell would not be fit enough to carry that sort of instrument around with him. Perhaps I am being silly, for they are wizards; and he might have charmed it to be small or transfigured it to be a stuffed bunny. Still, why was it not a simple banjo or kazoo? Eh.... Maybe he simply had a passion for the instrument.

Been observing The Nephew as a model for a young Draco Malfoy for another eternally unfinished fic. The Little Brat doesn't shut up, turns red and bawls when he hasn't his way (more of a Dudley trait, really), and is slightly smitten with Harry Potter. Perhaps The Nephew fancies him, too.

General observation: Looks like Harry, act like Draco. Conclusion: The Nephew is the long lost love child of Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy.

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