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First non-HP fic, woot woot.

Guess what? I wrote my first non-HP fanfic! From the Zelda (Ocarina of Time) universe! (No worries, I'm not leaving HP; the Zelda fandom has neither the size nor quality to hold my interest.) How rewarding it was to struggle through getting the details of this universe right, and making up my own back-stories without relying on clues from other people's fanfics and theories. I hope you'll read it if you're at all familiar with this fandom.

I'm wondering, can someone beta it for me? I don't think you'd need to be familiar with the fandom to do it, but it might help (especially with your enjoyment, heh). I'm just not sure if the story makes sense in general, if the whole thing ties together very well.

Short length.

Anyone? :D

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