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Anatomical Natt


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Anatomical Natt

My backyard kitty

The other day we found a kitten in our backyard. Don't know how he got there or where he came from. He had a collar, but no tag. I walked around the block, asking everyone whether they'd lost a kitten. Nothing. Later that day, my mom and I drove around the whole neighborhood asking. Still no luck.

My mom won't let him stay in the house. She says he'll poop. But we have wood floors, I reply---it would come right up! She still refuses. So I keep him in the backyard, and he hasn't gone away yet. I suppose because I feed him. Usually he stays from the evening, through the night, and most of the morning. Then he takes off, and stays on the street somewhere, and returns that evening.

If he's still here tomorrow, I'm going to make KITTEN FOUND signs and put them on all the mailboxes (we have the big communal ones, two per street). I don't know how long mom will let him stick around, and I don't want him to have to go to the pound, where he'll just be killed. But then, he's a kitten so maybe someone would take him in?

I've named him Dennis, after Dennis Creevey. He's tiny, hyper-active, and slightly accident-prone.

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woe! poor kitty! someone surely MUST be missing him, as he's got a collar. right? poor kitty.

i went out today to head to the store and walked past a pathetic yowling. after a blink or two, i retraced my steps, and found a beaten-up black cat laying in the dirt in the shade, and it wouldn't shut up. it looked well-fed, but the ears were tattered--i'm thinking a tom, then. i talked to him(?) for a while, then headed down two stories to the car, got IN the car, backed it out, and promptly parked it and headed up again. the bf was quite upset when i came in and filled a plastic bowl with water and ice cubes. (it's been over 100 here, and i thought the cat should at LEAST have water, in this heat.) i got a tin of cat food while at the store, but by the time i got back, the cat had downed some of the water, all the ice cubes had melted, and the cat had wandered off. i feel kind of bad. i really had wanted to offer him some food, but minnie only eats prescription food. now i've got a tin of cat food i can't use. and i'm worried about a stray.

anyway, babbling aside--i really hope that either someone comes forward and says OMG YOU SAVED MY KITTEN or that your mother lets him stay with you. if neither works out, perhaps you could find a no-kill shelter in the area?

Poor kitty! I hope he's okay, too. I'd be wondering, like you. I get attached to animals within seconds. I can't go to the pet store because I get so sad to see all the animals locked up in cages with no families.

Yeah, I hope we find the owner, even though I'd like to keep him for myself. The collar seems pretty old, so he might have been missing for a long time (but then, it might just be the owner's old collar...I really don't know...). I just snuck him into the house, and will keep him here until I go to bed . He's in my lap, switching between attacking my hair as it swings in the fan air and attacking my fingers as they type. What a weirdo. :O

what a sweet kitty you've found! *crosses fingers for him*

as for strays and whatnot...i'm a sucker for them all. animal in need? i'm on it in a heartbeat. this one looked fairly well fed, but his(?) ears had bald patches and were notched, and the fur on the hindquarters wasn't so very healthy. but he seemed quite tame. i'm hoping that he had owners that simply let him out at night/day, and he missed being let in or something. i didn't dare touch him myself--minnie's not been able to have her vaccinations since she was 7, as they nearly kill her. i can't take risks on unknown kitties that might affect my sweetlove. i DID want to give him some food, though. even though i thought the water was more important in this heat.

*loves on your lost-and-found kitten more*

you know, it really SUCKS to care this much. it HURTS. why do we have to care until it hurts? woe.

Hee! Kitty!

As long as you get him a litter box and make sure he's trained, he'll not poo anyplace but the litter box unless the box is overfull. They're good like that.

He sounds positively adorable.

*nags and harasses for a pic of the wee one*

I don't think it's even about the poo anymore. She just keeps making up new reasons why he can't stay; she could just tell me she doesn't want the responsibility of another pet once I go away to college, because that's all it seems to come down to.

Hee, I will post pictures as soon as I get off my ass and find my missing camera software junk. ^_^

My mom won't let him stay in the house. She says he'll poop.

If he has a collar, it's very likely he's been litter-trained. If you get him a litter box and he uses it, you can show your mom he won't poop on the floors. (or pee, which is worse, because it *will* stain them.)

And if you have to take him to the pound, try to see if there's a no-kill shelter near you.

Good luck with the kitty!

That could be true. I didn't know young kitties could be litter-trained so soon.

Yeah, I'll look into a no-kill shelter, but I don't know if we have one around here. I may have to go to the next big city over, but that's not a problem!

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