Natt (nattish) wrote,

My backyard kitty

The other day we found a kitten in our backyard. Don't know how he got there or where he came from. He had a collar, but no tag. I walked around the block, asking everyone whether they'd lost a kitten. Nothing. Later that day, my mom and I drove around the whole neighborhood asking. Still no luck.

My mom won't let him stay in the house. She says he'll poop. But we have wood floors, I reply---it would come right up! She still refuses. So I keep him in the backyard, and he hasn't gone away yet. I suppose because I feed him. Usually he stays from the evening, through the night, and most of the morning. Then he takes off, and stays on the street somewhere, and returns that evening.

If he's still here tomorrow, I'm going to make KITTEN FOUND signs and put them on all the mailboxes (we have the big communal ones, two per street). I don't know how long mom will let him stick around, and I don't want him to have to go to the pound, where he'll just be killed. But then, he's a kitten so maybe someone would take him in?

I've named him Dennis, after Dennis Creevey. He's tiny, hyper-active, and slightly accident-prone.
Tags: real life

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