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Anatomical Natt


Natt's Journal: fandom, fandom, fandom...

Fics! Recs! Yeah!

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Daniel Johns.


Hey, does anyone on my flist watch Queer as Folk regularly? Did you watch the last episode? Were you swept away like I was, or did you find it predictable and/or cheesy?

I would post this in queerasfolkfans, but that community sucks ass nowadays, and not in the sexy way.

I hoped Brian would tell Justin that he loved him eventually, but I knew it would take something tragic for him to get it out of his mouth. I was pleased with the way they wrote it, because if Brian had said it because he was lonely or realized suddenly that he'd been mistaken to let Justin leave, I would have been pissed. It would have been incredibly out of character, what with Brian's pride.

I thought the most powerful moment was when he ran into the burning building and shrieked Justin's name over and over. He's normally so collected, it was a beautiful contrast. Gale Harold gave a great performance.

And the "I love you"...

I normally don't care about that sort of thing. It's superficial if you need to hear those words to actually know someone cares for you, but here...I knew how against that sort of thing Brian was as well, and how much strength it took, even in that worried moment, for him to say it. It was so genuine. At the time, I put my hands over my mouth and bounced, and then began pacing around the room, which I do when excited or worked up in any way (I did it all though the Half-Blood Prince!).

So: one of the greatest episodes, indeed! Now it's just Mikey I'm worried about. I have no inkling of what they plan to do. Michael's such a good person. And I couldn't stand to see Ben lose both Hunter and Michael. Pull through, Mikey!


Also, now that I think of it --- what the motherfucking huh? Did I miss something in the Half-Blood Prince or...

Did she not tell us what happened to Dumbledore's hand? Did I skip over something on accident? Or was it a symbolic something-or-other that went over my little head?

Help, yes?

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She wasn't very detailed about it, but it was cursed when he retrieved the first horcrux, the ring, if I remember correctly.

Oh, I see! I thought it might have something to do with that, but I wasn't sure at all. Thanks very much.

I didn't really care for the "I love you" to be honest. To me the real "I love you" will always be the bloody scarf in 201. *swoons* I mean, yeah, Justin couldn't see that, and it was a little scary (in the scary stalker sort of way - they're made for each other really!) but still. It's too bad there are no Pensieves in QaF. But I guess I should say that the 510 "I love you" was worth putting in there just for Gale's performance. *guh*

I didn't really think it needed to be said.

Brian cared for him deeply quite early on actually and Justin'd be crazy not to have noticed it.

I would have taken Brian hugging me after that fiasco as and I love you anyway. Because Brian's Brian.

Oooh the scarf. Justin! I cried so hard during those episodes. :((

I think Justin knew Brian loved him beforehand, too, but he, being quite the sap, seemed to just want Brian to acknowledge it either verbally or by not seeing other men. But after Brian turned around from his trip to Australia and ran into a bombed building to find him, and then that hug, well, yeah...I think Justin would have gotten it, anyway (no matter whether I liked the "I love you" or not). :)

Yes, definitely.

I can't deny that it would be nice to finally hear that after being together with someone for so long, but. I mean, if he didn't get it before who would? :))

I don't even remember the scarf! I need to rewatch everything. (I keep wanting to buy the seasons, but it's so expensive. >:O)

When you mentioned Pensieves, I had a vision of Brian in a wizard's hat waving his hands over a smoking basin. Heheheh.

Ok, that is the best mental image of Brian Kinney ever. :x *heart*



WHOA, if I were you I wouldn't not be reading spoilers, but then I'm a weirdo. :O

You can download episodes onto your computer, I'm sure, if you wanted to do that!

I tried not to read spoilers...But after a year I just decided that I COULDN'T WAIT. WAH. I still don't know much...I think Uncy Vic died and then I read this. So I am not spoiling myself too bad...BUT NOW I WANT TO READ MORE.

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