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Anatomical Natt


Natt's Journal: fandom, fandom, fandom...

Fics! Recs! Yeah!

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Anatomical Natt

Lj-cuts for HBP spoilers

I plan getting rid of the lj-cuts for HBP spoilers in a month. I don't remember how long I waited after OotP, but this amount of time seems reasonable. I think it's important to look out for those who might not be able to get a book immediately, or who read slowly, or who stumble onto my journal by accident, but only for a short while.

I'm interested in what everyone else is doing, too.

Poll #536381 Spoilers no more!

When do you plan to stop putting HBP spoilers behind lj-cuts?

I don't put them behind cuts anyway.
1-2 weeks.
About a month.
2-3 months.
4 months or more.

LOL! I haven't thought that far ahead. I guess I'll probably wait until I see other folks not cutting, then I'll go "Mooooo." :-P

I tell myself a month, but I'll probably stop using cuts if most people start to sooner than that, heh! *potential conformist*

I think a month is more than fair and that's what I'm planning on doing as well. There's no way we can be expected to wait for everyone, everywhere to have had the chance to buy and/or borrow the book and find the time to read it. There'll always be a small number of folks who are slower than the majority regardless of what the cause/issues are. I very much doubt we'd have many complaints after a month.

Tru dat.

If this were for something other than Harry Potter, I wouldn't even wait that long. But I'm so obsessed with not being spoiled myself that I'm pretty scared of spoiling others, too! (Though, if I didn't want to be spoiled I wouldn't be dumb enough to come onto the Internet in the first place.)

I don't have a firm date set--I figure, when I stop seeing them on my flist, I'll know I'm safe to uncut.

The translated editions won't be out for a while and I know some people on my flist haven't read it yet, so I'm keeping spoilers behind the cut. I still warn for OotP spoilers, and I think it's always good to do so because you never know...

That's true. I hadn't thought about the translated editions...

Goodness, OotP spoilers! It's very considerate of you, but I wonder who would care about OotP spoilers if they haven't read that book by now?

I had a poll in my journal where I asked my flist if they had read the book. Only one answered she hadn't read it yet and didn't want to be spoiled.

So I have decided to stop putting it behind a spoiler after a week from now off, and then put a warning in the title instead. That way she can skip over my spoiler posts without me having to put a whole post behing a cut just because it's about HBP.

As my LJ is Friends Only anyway and all my Flist has read the book (as far as I can see) I probably won't be cutting my comments for much longer.

I think it all depends on who is reading your journal and whether or not there is a high chance of people being spoilt.

I ticked '1-2 weeks' as I don't think it'll be needed for much longer than that in my circumstances anyway.

As many days as there are chapters, for the benefit of some friends who are reading a chapter a day.

I had someone complain that I needed to use a lj-cut for a spoiler over a year after the release of OotP. *shrugs* I tend to post behind the cut anyway so it's no trouble to post a spoiler warning.

What I'm really anxious to find out is when people will start to use their new spoiler icons.

I think I'll wait a month like you are doing though I think I'm finished writing theories/speculation. I'll put a warning on any fic I write for a bit longer than a month.

I think a month is way too long! I mean, why would you go on the daily snitch if you hadn't finished the book? Of course they know that almost everything that is written here is going to be spoilers.

I don't cut for them at all, except for length, now that almost a week has passed. For one, anyone reading my journal who hasn't finished it yet most likely doesn't care; for two, seriously, if you haven't read HBP yet, don't want to be spoiled, and go on freaking livejournal....you are basically asking for it. I mean, come on now.

It's definitely starting to get on my nerves to cut all my thoughts about it, however petty.

So at the moment I have to say that new character names are mentioned in my uncut posts, fantasy casting stuff, and sudden unexplained interest in certain ships. Everything serious plotty goes behind a cut and we'll see how long I can take it. Maybe a week or two more.

(Deleted comment)
I'll be doing it for a month after the Dutch version is released, so that'll be untill christmas at least...

I still put the big Death of OotP under a lj-cut. There are people on my friend list that started reading the series recently due to the HBP publicity and they're only up to book 2 or 3. Also, I predict a few more people will jump on the bandwagon around the time of the GoF movie. So I still cut, and I will keep cutting until it's as well known as "Vader is Luke's father" and "the Titanic sinks".

I also know several people that won't read the book until October; that's when the French edition will come out. They don't speak English very well, but they understand it enough to get what X dies means, if I don't lj-cut it.

It's not just HP: I always lj-cut when I discuss the ending and/or a major plot twist of any movie/tv show/book/video game. Even if it came out years ago. You never know. Besides, a lj-cut is only 8 characters, why not type them?