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*chants* no AU no AU

"So you're starting a new story," I say to myself. "And clearly a long one. Okay, you stink at long!fic, so keep it concise. That means keep the chapters concise."

"Okay, I'll do that," I reply to myself.

*types and types*

"Chapter one," I read to myself, "500 words."

"Perfect!" I reply.

"Chapter two," I read to myself, "6,000 words."


In other news, there's no way I'm going to finish what I want to finish before HBP comes out! And even if I do, there's no way people are going to want to read a long ass fic a couple days before the release of the book. Are they? I don't know! If they're like me, they'll be avoiding the Internet like the plague to spare themselves of spoilers.

*types like the wind*

No AU for meeeeeeeeeee!

EDIT: I sent in my money order for my permanent account a week ago so where is my permanent account? San Fransisco is, like, right around the corner. Must search for contact info!
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