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Anatomical Natt


Natt's Journal: fandom, fandom, fandom...

Fics! Recs! Yeah!

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Anatomical Natt

REC: Beyond Wild Moor and Fen

Beyond Wild Moor and Fen by furiosity = some hardcore HARRY/DRACO canon reading! You must read or you will meeelt.


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It's amazing, isn't it? I spent hours reading it last night. ♥!!

What are you up it natty?

Yes, yes! I spent part of yesterday and today reading it. Didn't think I'd get done so quick, meep! But I couldn't stop. :)

I'm up to not much. Watching movies and preparing to travel a few hours tomorrow for my cousin's graduation party. Zzzzzzz.........

I would rather be reading fanfic.

That should be a bumper sticker.

Oooh. I want that to be my bumper sticker!

Ew, graduation parties.

I should read the next big_bang-er but I don't know if I'll be able to keep info from it in my head. I'm still thinking about furiosity's fic, a day later.

Hmm. I suppose I should try to get them all read before HBP comes out though...

Me too. I want to read them (or, at least, start reading them, so I know whether I want to read them) before the book comes out. I don't know how enjoyable they will be afterward. I like reading pre-OotP fics, though, so maybe I'll like these; but still, it will be very different once we know the new canon. A whole new world!

Speaking of a whole new canon, I have yet to reserve or pre-order a book. >:O

I don't know how I will feel about reading any books after I read HBP. I actually didn't read OoTP all the way through, did you know? I spoiled myself by reading others' cut-tagged reviews and when it came time to actually read the book I just couldn't. How sad.

I pretty much ignored it, actually. I mean, besides, by that time I knew everything that had happened within it anyway! I don't know if I'll ever be able to read it all the way through though, which is why I'm so iffy about HBP.

Plus, it's almost over and I don't even want to contemplate that. What's going to happen to fandom when all the canon is finished? *angsts and cries!*

I read furiosity's fic first because it was the first in the list, right? But then afterwards I read all the summeries and the other ones scared me! So, I have no idea if I'll actually read them.

I've kind of been filled up with H/D from that one fic alone, I think. I've run back to Snape/Harry with my tail between my legs! (Of course there's no new fics there, so... but that's another story!)

I think the fac that this was the first substantial H/D I've read since January of this year is what's made me all weird about it. :\ I don't know, really!

Uh oh, to the book thing! I live in a smaller city so I had to for fear I wouldn't get one for weeks unless I did (Ootp came three days late!) and it's supposed to be on my doorstep the morning of July 16th so, *hopes*

Sorry for the ramblyness! :(

Haven't read it all the way through? Wow! That's positively scandalous! :D I don't know how you can stand knowing what happened through the eyes of other people; I would feel so dissatisfied, but I kind of understand why you wouldn't want to read it then. (On a similar note, I wanted to re-read OotP so that I was clear on all the canon there before HBP, but it pains me. That book upset me and saddened me in so many ways that I'd rather run back to fandom and hug it tight!)

(I know what you mean about no new Harry/Snape fics. I'm surprised the stories for that pairing dwindled after the 5th book. There was so much new and interesting information to work with, but the stories seem to have just died off.... I don't understand.)

Ramblyness is good. ;)

I'm a scandalous person. ;)

But, but, Sirius died! And poor Harry and eeep. *cries* Maybe after HBP, and after hopefully some light is shed on why and why and why. Maybe then I'll be able to read it. I just can't now.

Besides, fandom is what it's all about anyway. I wouldn't even care about Harry Potter anymore without it. *loves her fandom*

(There have been a few new Snape/Harry fics but not many. Which is just uncool. Uh, just in case you've not seen all the fics I've seen? When I read a new Harry/Snape fic I stick it here. So maybe there's a couple there you can read. ;) )

Whoa, thanks! There's loads I haven't read. I don't think I have too many Harry/Snape shippers on my list, anyway, and I don't look a lot outside of LJ, so...

can't wait to read. :D

No problem! I have other lists like that linked in my info but S/H is my main ship so it's the one with the most fics.

Some of those aren't slash (the WIP ones) but Snape and Harry are main characters, etc.


Isn't it just SO GOOD?!

:x Thank you so much for the rec! ♥

You deserve it, arr matey! :D!

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