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Draco! My infantile lover!

These photographs are grand. I especially love the third of the group. Its composition is perfect. (Vague statement I know, but I cannot think of another way to describe it.)

Sick still. Went to the doctor. Doctor tried to kill me with a long cotton swab. I tried to kill the doctor with my mind. No success. Apparently, I've lost five pounds. Damn mucous.

I've never read Draco/James. I've never come across Draco/James. This may be a result of the little occurrence called "James' death"; Draco having been born only shortly before it may have caused hindrance on their romantic relationship. Fucking Voldemort! There is always the STUPENDOUS concept Alternate Universe. Though, it is a bit more fun to read of various excuses which bring James--or Lily; but James is prettier--back to Does Draco/James exist?--anywhere? I've had a desire to read it. I think I will run along and write some. Expect results sometime in the distant, distant future.

--A Lowly Procrastinator.


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