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Shake It the Snape-alicious Way

I'm now coming to the conclusion that whichever sickness has infected me is also making me delirious. Now, now, don't be silly, Ru, you say. My proof is that I've just spent the last three minutes lying on my side cackling like a lunatic with pictures of Severus Snape wearing a not-so-modest set of pink bloomers and cheer leading skirt. The background music was to the beat of some form of modern hip hop--or whatever those youngsters call it--with lyrics of "Shake that ass, Snapey, shake that ass..." And he did. He shook it well. It wiggled and the man grinned at me! When an actual ass (i.e. donkey) came into the picture and started shaking its own erm...ass?, I lost it and fell off the bed in a fit of laughter. My head hasn't forgiven me for its harsh introduction to the floor. What makes me angry now is that I don't find the fantasy very amusing any longer. On a brighter note, I scolded my throat with hot coffee!

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