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I try and I try, but no matter how hard do I can't make Draco a serious character! He always comes out as a completely silly fucktard when I write him! What is wrong with my brain?

Also, my scenes drag on and on. I have to force myself to cut them off, and then I feel dissatisfied. I like stories to hop along quickly, and yet I like to explore settings and characters. I get frustrated, and then I stop writing, and start a new story. This is probably why I have only 20 or so completed stories, and 250+ incomplete stories.

Anyway, I've started, I think, 3 progressing stories in the past couple weeks. All Harry/Draco---two gender-fuck (Hogwarts) and one plain slash (post-Hogwarts). I like them, but I can't contain them. The gender-fuck ones used to be one story, but my plot went to two different directions, so I cut it in half and now it's two bloody incomplete Siamese twins screaming and kicking and whywhy couldn't we stay together and be one quaint little fanfiction instead of two massive works of shit?


That is all.

Writing sucks. I'm glad I'm not a writer.

How are you? :D:D:D

EDIT: Chokolait milck & Doritoz :9
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