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Anatomical Natt


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Anatomical Natt

drinks, anyone?

I'm totally alcohol-ignorant. Can someone suggest to me a "masculine" sort of drink a man might ask for in a pub or dance club? If it matters, it's Harry, and he wants to get very drunk.

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I know in England they order bitter -- in pints, of course. :D not sure what else they drink besides that and beer.

Straight whisky, maybe? Men seem to like their drinks straight, or on the rocks, though that's less common. Harry I see drinking beer or whisky or possibly vodka.

(Deleted comment)
Whisky neat, baby! Harry's never struck me as a scotch man, unless it's cut with soda water. Just saying a pint is probably fine, too; beer is always manly.

*snogs* And my image of Harry drinking whisky neat shall forever be attributed to you.

I was thinking about scotch in soda, but I wasn't sure. I'll probably end up using it, so thanks for that. But maybe beer...ger, I can't decide!

This moron meant to say "scotch and soda". :O

Ogden's Old Firewhisky/straight muggle whisky! (Single malt) scotch. Rum? Gin?

Hrm. I really don't know drinks.

Firewhisky! :D Wizard drinks are always nice. I could also make one up myself, perhaps.

Gar. Thanks.


Sorry I wasn't more help! Wah.

*checks lexicon*




You are, too, helpful! Thanks for linking me to that. I hadn't thought of it. ♥

No problem! I figured they'd have something and they did.

more importantly... the drinks part of said link!

Yeah, I'd say firewhiskey, straight, or a scotch and soda, or just many, many beers.

I'm all for Firewhisy too!

Cosmopolitan! . . . oh, wait. Harry isn't as flamboyant as Draco. Hmm! :D

Not in this fic he isn't! :)

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