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Anatomical Natt


Natt's Journal: fandom, fandom, fandom...

Fics! Recs! Yeah!

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Anatomical Natt

wtf, banners?

Why does my site, which guarantees me FREE web space with NO BANNER ADVERTISING, suddenly have a BIG ASS BANNER down the side of every page?

The proof: *snaaaaaaaaarl*

Did I miss something in the fine print? GER. >:(((((

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not to glee of your anger or anything, but heh! linky! (am enjoying myself reading The Outing again. hee hee. one of my all time faves)

*keeels you for gleeing on my anger*

Silly me, I linked to the list of fics so passersby might stumble onto something to read. *traps you in web of deviousness* Except for The Outing; I hate The Outing. Shame. >:)

I LOVE The Outing!

It made my top 10 best Harry lists!

(hee hee... Now reading A Ridiculous Notion)
such a good day.


That story I like, even if it's fluffy as heck. ;)


The Top 10 Harry list...


(dredged that out of Gawdawful old entries)

(Deleted comment)
Why, thank you!

No, I haven't written to them, but that's a good piece of advice to give to someone whose first inclination is just to whine to the world about it. I'll do that. ;)

*hisses* Banner ads are EVIL. >:o I suppose this site is also piddly with the storage space, no? Natty needs a domain of her own! >:B

I don't use much space as it is, so I don't mind how much the site gives me (actually, I don't even know). As long as there are no ads, I would be happy! GROWL.

Natty makes me sound like a candy bar---well, I'd be delicious! :9

(Deleted comment)
Why, hello. It is unwise to worship confused beings like me!

Thanks for reading the fics! They are a joy to write. :)

And no worries, I mainly wrote that thing in my user info to fend off people who come looking for me in anger if I happen to de-friend them. BAH. *friends back*

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