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Anatomical Natt


Natt's Journal: fandom, fandom, fandom...

Fics! Recs! Yeah!

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Anatomical Natt


I don't know what it is about fonts, but it has occurred to me that I write differently depending on which one I am using. Times New Roman makes me feel inefficient and lazy. Why should I use the default when there are so many to choose from? Veranda makes me feel colorful, like I should be describing something. It invokes such imagery---the letters are round and tidy! Courier New makes me feel like a knowledgeable old author. Suddenly my story has more meaning than before. I have a plot, now. I must have a plot; my font face says so.

My story has a feeling to it, an overall air! Choose a font and it can take you anywhere!

It has also occurred to me that there is a fine line between the profound and the pathetic.

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I do that, too! Typography is a cruel mistress.



miints made it! :D She also made this one, mpregamigo. :> :>

I totally have to add this miints feller to my flist. Thanks, iconamigo.

She's grand!

Mmm, fonts. I always try to find one that's "me", but then blah.

what is this, I come to a random post, and I see love spread all around, oh my, my poor head might explode

Ahahaha, but you are grand!

The grandest ever, m'dear. :D

ok, that's it *scrapes brain bits from walls into a little baggie*


Can I have it? I like brains!

you can have some of it, I need the rest to clone little miints-clones so they can do child labour for me *swings plastic whip*

*gives you a little baggie*

Thankyou! *eats brain*

clones? can i get in on this cloning thing?

*watches her potential clones being digested*

oh sure you can, you just need some of your brain bits, join a stan worshiping cult, pierce your pancreas and you can have mini clones doing your dirty work in no time

you're funny, I like you :)

plus, you have a typo in your profile, "do" not "to"
but it's ok, becuase I doubt anyone cares, so I think you should just leave it :)

Our first day as LJ comrades and you correct my typos! I like you, too. AR, MATEY. ;O

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