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Anatomical Natt


Natt's Journal: fandom, fandom, fandom...

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Anatomical Natt

Love triangles?

Does anyone know of any slash stories with love-triangles? Any sort of slash fanfic where two characters want to be with the same person, but do not end up as a threesome?

I don't mind the pairings (but no females, please), because I simply can't find any! Thank you? I hope? :D

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There was a sub-plot in wikdsushi's A Civil War series where Harry (who was involved with Snape) gets sort of semi-pursued by someone else's boyfriend.

Erm. But aside from that I don't think I've ever seen a love triangle in slash fanfic. Sorry I'm not more helpful :/

Thank you. I started that series a while ago and never finished it. Maybe I will now. :)

Minor Arcana Series by cursive is the first one that comes to mind - Draco and Harry both want Snape but not sure if it qualifies because it's a wip so they still could end up as a threesome and also there are a bunch of pairings and a lot of the characters want more than one person - it's complicated lol

Theres sort of a love triangle thing going on between Blaise, Harry, and Draco in hackthis's AU crossover Trade

In Trinity by mirabellawotr both Ron and Hermione want to be with Harry

That's all I can think of and none of them really work as love triangles - hope it helps though :D

Hey, thanks a lot! I'll look at those suggestions. :)

Can we pimp our own stuff?

Hmm. I have some Marcus/Oliver/Percy around the place, in which Marcus and Percy want Oliver...would that be acceptable?

And I have a love square with Harry/Draco/Justin/Pansy, but that has a woman. Hmm.

Yes, it would. I'll go on your website and see about it. Thanks very much!

Cool, I'll check it out. Thanks!

frogslayr has a great HarryxDracoxSnape fic called The Symmetry of Absence which has a bit of triangle aspect.

Check it out.


I read it just now. It was so great! Thanks for telling me!

(Deleted comment)
Ooh, thanks so much! That's a lot of reading, and I'll be sure to do it. You pinned my top pairings. :D

Here via Daily Snitch.

If you haven't seen this... "Severus Snape and the Ghostwritten Romance" by cluegirl is here: http://www.skyehawke.com/archive/story.php?no=3594. It's a retelling of Cyrano de Bergerac as performed by Harry Potter characters. Really fantastic. Seriously. Check it out.

That sounds so interesting. I'll have to read it. Thanks you!

I like the pairings of the first one very much. Thanks for that. And the second one must be very good, because it's been recced twice! Thank you. :D

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