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HP & the HBP covers; >:O

No way. The covers are out. It is time.

Does this mean I have to look at a million icons of the same three book covers until this summer? Just like last time?

Does this mean I have to avoid all spoiler releases, snippets from the book, and speculation about the contents until I get to read it for myself? Just like last time?

Does this mean I have to stay away from the Internet several days before the release just in case some asshole tries to tell me something I don't want to hear?

Does this mean, once the book comes out, I have to hop up and down on my doorstep, waiting for my pre-ordered delivery to arrive, before ripping it open and reading it at the speed of light so I can be the first person to post an excited review?

(Does this mean I have to pray, while reading it, that Harry will not touch Ginny in any way or look sideways at Hermione, like "Hey, baby, wanna touch my balls?" or even think about Cho Chang again, because after discovering fanfic het just completely squicks me out of my mind?)

Does this mean, once I've read the book, I have to pick through a bunch of rapidly-put-together reviews about how SQUEE this was and how OMG, NO SHE DIDN'T that was?

Just like last time?


Sounds like fun!
Tags: canon-related, essays/rants
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