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Anatomical Natt


Natt's Journal: fandom, fandom, fandom...

Fics! Recs! Yeah!

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Anatomical Natt

HP & the HBP covers; >:O

No way. The covers are out. It is time.

Does this mean I have to look at a million icons of the same three book covers until this summer? Just like last time?

Does this mean I have to avoid all spoiler releases, snippets from the book, and speculation about the contents until I get to read it for myself? Just like last time?

Does this mean I have to stay away from the Internet several days before the release just in case some asshole tries to tell me something I don't want to hear?

Does this mean, once the book comes out, I have to hop up and down on my doorstep, waiting for my pre-ordered delivery to arrive, before ripping it open and reading it at the speed of light so I can be the first person to post an excited review?

(Does this mean I have to pray, while reading it, that Harry will not touch Ginny in any way or look sideways at Hermione, like "Hey, baby, wanna touch my balls?" or even think about Cho Chang again, because after discovering fanfic het just completely squicks me out of my mind?)

Does this mean, once I've read the book, I have to pick through a bunch of rapidly-put-together reviews about how SQUEE this was and how OMG, NO SHE DIDN'T that was?

Just like last time?


Sounds like fun!

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look sideways at Hermione, like "Hey baby, wanna touch my balls?" - LOL - oh god please no

yes sounds like fun :D

look sideways at Hermione, like "Hey baby, wanna touch my balls?

Equivalent to death and gore!

Does this mean I'm going to love you to bits still?

*echoes your sentiments*
Sounds like fun!

*snuggles your pretty face*

BlibbidyBLAH! :D:D:D

Hee. You're silly, you know.

*loves you all the more*

Hey Natt? D'you think you could give me a good writing challenge? I feel the need to write, desperately, and I want to write a ficlet of some sort, but I just plain can't think of a thing to write. I needses your help! *clings* Help me? Please?

I was about to say, "Well, what kind of challenge should I give you?" which would make no sense at all, because then you would say, "Gee wiz, if I knew that I wouldn't have asked to you give me a challenge in the first place..." :O


Well, no one's ever asked me something like this, so I don't know what to say! I guess, since I'm not very clever when I'm trying to be, I'll give you one of them fancy smancy word challenges. I won't hate you forever if you don't feel like doing it. Here's the rules: I give you some words; you write a story that comes to mind when you read them. ReadsetGO!

Garden, lethargic, scoffingly, sparkle.

*snerk* Yeah, that wouldn't help me all that much.

No one's ever asked you to challenge them? Poor things! They're deprived. So are you! And I think it's perfectly clever. I haven't had a proper word-challenge before, so it's all good. And I like these words. I think I can do loads of fun stuff with that. *nodnod* I'll do it tomorrow, as my head came up with a new story while you were pondering. But yes. Yours will be done soon. *grin* Thanks for the challenge!

*huggles you for your cleverness and wordliness*

Hehehe, your icon is good, though. :D Makes me snigger.

Those are the best kind. :)

Ahaha. Look at you, all out in the open about your legality, adding your birth year. I think this is the first time I ever laughed out loud at Semagic. Happy Birthday, dear. :D

Hehehhe. I'm so free, now. ;)

Thank you.

Happy Birthday, miss!

I laughed like Marks too when I saw you added the year to your info. (Only 5 more months for me!)

<33 (even though i've been mia lately).

Thanks very much! Happy 5-month-in-advance birthday! <3 :D

I'll be happy to be all hem-hem I'm 18, no more faking legality! I think you know what I mean...

I hope your day was/is grand! <3

I know exactly what you mean. It's pathetic that I'm excited just to be getting a library card without having to get my parent's signature first (what is that about?). Thanks again! My day was average, but filled with birthday wishes. :)

Your icon is pretteh.

I could get a library card without as far as I knew... (well I've had one since I was 7 for the same place so, who knows) but yes this is just good. Now for me it's 19 for drinking and smoking and gambling and such! :))

Not that I do any of those, at all really. I think I'm old enough to vote now (this year), though. If not it's 19.

And thankyou! It was made by someone... but names are failing me. It's on the userpics page in any case.

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