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I'm in a rather top mood considering I managed to post the fifteenth chapter of Hidden Within Confusion. I really would like to have it finished by the time my birthday rolls around (for no reason excepting the fact that it is my goal), but I don't know if that will be possible. The plot is constantly shifting about in my sleepy head. Quite normal; quite annoying. I am typing like mad... picky-ness is here though and some people consider it a flaw. What do they know?

Read this below everyone must!

Facade, by Malfoi

An elegantly written piece if art! Malfoi turned me onto Jane Austen so very well by creating it in the style of the famous author. I'd never given Austen the time of day before I began this story, now I can't read enough of her! Pure talent and heart was put into Facade, it is clear from even the first chapter of this Harry/Draco fiction. The author has creativity galore and I, personally, am eager to read further into the tale.

And now, for some happier news: I cannot afford to maintain my laptop any longer! Isn't that glorious? Consequently, I will be forced to read and write at a computer when I have the means. Oh, my day was going just so well!

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