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Anatomical Natt


Natt's Journal: fandom, fandom, fandom...

Fics! Recs! Yeah!

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Anatomical Natt

top!(Draco) to bottom!(Draco)

So, among Harry/Draco fics, top!Draco used to be the general preference, as far as I could see. But now almost every fic I read is all about the top!Harry. Not complaining, but what happened?

Maybe it's backlash from all those supercool-iceprince-sexgod!Draco fics.

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I think the fandom has just realised, finally, that Draco is a big huge pussy and ergo a big nellie bottom. :D


Thank goodness for it, no matter the reason. I don't know why, but I like my Draco pleading to be taken, like the little whiner that he is.

And your icon is delicious. <3

Oh, yes, definitely. Begging for it. Especially because he does it so. very. nicely.

(my Draco's such a bottom, he can't come without something inside him. *giggles*)

and thank you! *hearts back*

I'm good with either being top, but sometimes you get bored with top!Draco. ...Draco is quite the pussy, however.

I think a lot of people are finally moving into mad-as-hell-and-not-going-to-take-it-anymore!post-Ootp!Harry characterization, and have finally spotted Draco for the sycophant begging for approval that he is. This translates quite nicely to a dominant Harry/submissive Draco, which is how I've always seen things. Since I came into fandom post-OotP, that's not too surprising, I suppose. I love it! I like bottom!Harry, but not with Draco because...yeah, he's a big nelly bottom.

Wow, I never really understood why I preferred Harry/Draco to Draco/Harry, but your wording really puts it in perspective to me, especially since I didn't really start to read HP-verse fanfic til after OotP either...

I always saw Draco as more of a bottom myself (although I don't quite buy Harry as a top yet, exactly) but it's such a OMG UNBREAKABLE FIC RULE now that I'm actually sick of it, and hope it switches round again.

Aw, I don't think even the people who have Harry top most of the time have him top ALL of the time. I checked with my fics, and I'm actually running 50/50. Also, this reminds me that someone was cracking up over the idea of top Harry on harrydraco not so long ago (two weeks, tops), so it can't be THAT pervasive an attitude.

I think of it as a psychological mindset for writing thing, more than a hard-and-fast rule. In fact, compartmentalizing them pisses me off; I know you don't read much out of H/D (just other Draco pairings sometimes, right?), but I haaaaaate that Harry is the bottom in just about every other pairing out there ALL of the time, unless he's evil. Can't he just want to be Tab A instead of Slot B sometimes?

I know you don't read much out of H/D (just other Draco pairings sometimes, right?)


I haaaaaate that Harry is the bottom in just about every other pairing out there ALL of the time, unless he's evil.

Really? Wow. I imagined, post OotP, Harry tops everyone, or else unleashes mass mood swings!
I'd say I need to read more Snarry or something, but I think I'll just take your word for it, and be relieved that Obsessively!Top!Harry hasn't pervaded all corners of fandom.
(Nothing too much against Top!Harry, but Scary I Must At All Costs Be 'The Man' Harry is rather wearing - perhaps I'm reading the wrong fics?)
I'm most comfortable with the way, say, Dahlia handles the whole issue - H/D trade off, however Draco generally prefers the bottom.

but I haaaaaate that Harry is the bottom in just about every other pairing out there ALL of the time, unless he's evil.

Heh, apparently evil is a top!

I'm guessing he's the one true bottom boy for the adult generation? Actually I would like to see Harry topping an adult because it's unfair to the poor boy that he only gets to top Draco. And anyway, after OoTP, people are seeing ranting, angry-at-the-world, fuck-you-all Harry as the perfect bottom? Although I do think Hermione can top Harry ;)

i can never see harry as a bottom. and bottom!draco is so much more fun than top!draco (i don't think draco is that much a whiny ponce, but i can see him as more vulnerable than harry).

In my first fic (unfinished) I saw Draco as a character who wants to be poised and unflappable. And under such circumstances, I find it oh-so-tempting to push them off balance and flap them a bit.

Ahh... Draco was a top? *is pleasantly ignorant of any sort of Draco!top notion*

Oh- *just noiced this is reference to Draco/Harry* I don't see either of them as being tops, so I'm not sure how it works out. I guess it depends on the fan fic and the circumstances.

And yes, I do read Harry/Draco- I'm here from the Daily_Snitch, and they didn't give much information beyond Top!Draco vs Bottom!Draco, so I kind of skimmed over it a bit, I'll admit.

I think it's to do with the fact that leatherpants!Draco became famous early on - because in the first couple of books he was arrogant & rude & rich, and he still had the ability to upset Harry. So it was a bit more popular to portay him as forceful and seductive, contrasted to Harry who was still kind of a clueless newbie in the wizard world. But like marksykins said, by the time OOTP came around, Harry was becoming all rage-filled and angsty and caps-locky, and Draco became less intimidating and began to appear pretty lame. I think top!Draco is associated with leatherpants!Draco - he's seen as a teenie-fangirl fantasy, and therefore a sign of fanon, OOC-ness, and overall poor writing.

I actually prefer top!Draco, just as a personal preference that I won't go into right now. I do find it kind of annoying that people seem to consider top!Harry/bottom!Draco the only "right" way to write the pairing (as merrymelody said). People will state as fact that top!Draco is OOC - I mean that makes no sense to me considering H/D isn't even canon to begin with. Likewise the idea that Draco is canonically swishy, feminine, and "obviously" flamingly gay annoys me too - he may be a whiny brat, but he's not a girl. It seems kind of insulting to say that whiny spoiled brat automatically equals GAY, but when it comes to Draco I realize I'm pretty alone in thinking that.

I've always not quite gotten the strict-top or strict-bottom stances people take. This seems to happen more in anime fandoms, but all this "Draco must always be the bottom" or "Harry/Draco doesn't work because they're both bottoms" tends to bother me. Like, is it because they're too young, small, whiny, vulnerable, innocent, not manly enough to be a good top? Are there certain ways a top and bottom must behave?

Personally I like Harry/Draco more than Draco/Harry if we're talking about fic that doesn't switch (can't handle poised, leather pants sex god Draco). But my favorites are always when the dominant/submissive roles aren't so clearly defined. When the sexual positions are firmly set, I'm often less interested because I can't help thinking that top=The Man and bottom=The Woman; if I wanted to read het, I'd go and read actual het. Again that's just (psychologically) how I personally feel, and I do enjoy the nice kink!fic now and then ;)

I know what you mean about the top=man and bottom=woman thing, and I think that's the reason why a lot of people get turned off (or even hostile!) about the top/bottom subject. I don't know how other people feel about it (maybe they just like to know what to expect, or maybe we're all just used to defined roles), but for me, I really like the dynamic of reading about a clear dominant/submissive relationship. Not necessarily in regards to sex--I just think it's interesting when one person has the upper hand, and to know that most relationships are not really as equal as people like to think. As for the man/woman thing, even if I'm reading het and it's the woman who happens to be dominant over the man, that's equally as satisfying. But this is just me. ;)

Oh I agree with you on that front. Outside of sex, when one person has the upper hand or when there's a constant tug-of-war between them for the upper hand, that makes the relationship's journey to me all the more interesting to read.

As for the man/woman thing, even if I'm reading het and it's the woman who happens to be dominant over the man, that's equally as satisfying. But this is just me. ;)

Yes, that's also the type of het I find I most like to read, so I think same goes for slash: If the dom/sub dynamic has been firmly set, I'll generally like it more if the bottom is the one who controls the relationship.

Draco is so bottom it hurts. I don't know why, but even if he's physically on top, I always see him as being on bottom. Always have, always will. He's just so small and elfin I don't really see him any other way.

Draco subs for Harry. Oh heck, everyone.

Harry doms his generation. Neville, Ron, etc etc.

Harry subs the older. Like Remus. And Snape. And Sirius. And mm..

Hee, we agree about Draco (wee bottom boy)! Though, for Harry, for some reason Draco is about the only person I like to see him topping. Sure, I can stand to read otherwise, but...

I don't know, maybe it doesn't have anything to do with Harry, for me; it's just that I like to see Draco get the smack-down. Yeah. That's probably it. ;)

I think it's because Draco is so "I am Malfoy, the wold owes me!" and "I am not wrong!" - it's just so sexy to see him made vulnerable and reduced to begging or even just making unintelligeble moaning sounds... not that it would be bad to see him do all those "reducing" things right back..

er.. seems i have more.. (btw, sorry for the typo(s))

in post-Hogwarts, post-war fics, people usually make Draco so poised and controlled, and Harry is often clumsy or confused.. but then Harry finally gets a clue that Draco has always wanted him, and they get to the bedroom, and Harry turns into a sex-god, and Draco is the one fumbling and flushing and such, maybe because he wants it more or has wanted it longer... either way all he can do is moan or arch or something... but somehow this still works... er... but it's nice when later on Draco gets his bearings back or something, and turns out to be really good at topping as well...

hm, i am just repeating myself, aren't i... in the books, Draco puts on a good show.. he says confident things, talks big, swaggers... but he never actually "walks the walk". he always loses. his schemes are always turned against him. so, we can see him acting all "i am toppy top sex god" but then melting in harry's hands.. but, if he was no longer the bad guy, no longer saying really horrible stuff, trying to get people fired, expelled, killed... then maybe we would like to see him "win" sometimes?

I agree with Cherusha, what I like about Harry`s and Draco`s partnership is just that, a partnership in which boths are equals, that`s what I like of slash, that equality that seems so difficult between a man and woman. It`s undeniable that they are different but I think they should complet and complement each other without lossing themselves. That does not always translates in switching sex positions, but bottoming in bed doesnt always mean being the submissive one in a relationship.

Also, as Spinfrog said, it seems Draco`s lost, confused in school and when he redeems himself, or not, but finds his way somehow and is happy with who he is he will be strong enough to be Harry`s equal or even supperior to him and thus his top(specially when Harry`s never very mature himself in this kind of stories)
The truth is that in OoTP Draco fights hard to remain a threath to Harry & Co, and fails misserabily. As Harry`s enemy he cannot, is proved, win(competing with Voldie is hard), so while they rivalty always remains they will have to stop being enemies for him to win an upper hand over Harry(be this as lovers, friends, allies in the war).

As for Harry, Harry is a confused, angsty teenager, alright. But his main problem is he is never been loved enough, I think that makes nicely for a bottom too, though he may not get all whiny because Harry is a Griffyndor who doenst beg Unbridge when she is making him hurt himself, nor Voldemort when he is going to kill him. So well, he has a big pryde but being a bottom doesnt always have to mean being humillated and etc.

For the ones asking for Top!Draco, Maya`s Underwater Light Draco is, thought there hasnt been sex yet, definitively a top. And if I`m wrong and they end up being equals or even he ends up being a bottom. You wont care one bit as this is the must-read ephic of H/D fanfiction.

The one in Transfigurations, by Resonant(another classic)acts as a top, though I dont remember if he actually is.

Now that you make me thing about it, I dont remember a lot of Top!Dracos, only ones where they are equals or Harry tops...

I would also like to read it, I mean, surely someone out there can do it realistically

I agree with just about everyone here that Draco is a submissive. He tries too hard to get Harry's attention and bring Harry down and he fails everytime. Although Harry does take Umbridge's bloody detentions with hardly a complaint which is rather submissive itself. Hmm. I don't know if a just rationalized myself in a corner here.

Anyway, I do see Harry as the dominant one, almost always, but sometimes I do get a kink from reading Bottom!Harry stories. Maybe because they are fewer these days. I like to see to Harry surrender some of his vulnerabilities occasionally and seeing him willing to surrender them to Draco and even begging for it. Well, I think that can be really hot. But never to sexgod!Draco. No, just no. I'm one of those odd people who can picture canon!Draco being rather uptight about sex and maybe not that experienced. C'mon, he dressed like a vicar to the Yule Ball!

It's been a loooonng time since I myself got sick of the H/D / D/H pairing, but I do remember that there used to be a lot of Draco/Harry stories around before OotP, and now it's switched. If I absolutely must have a preference, I prefer the way it was before, Draco/Harry....though being fair, that just may be because I've never really considered Harry/Draco before, and the reasons people seem to have for Draco being bottom have never really flown with me: "He's so little! He fights like a girl! He's such a prissy drama queen!" When canonically, we have absolutely no mention of Draco's height in relation to Harry's (or anyone else's save Hagrid's), and even anything small that we DO have points to the exact opposite -- everyone in Draco's family that we know of (Lucius, Narcissa, Sirius) is tall; we have no mention of Draco fussing with his hair or ever throwing a temper tantrum (unless you count the threats at the end of OotP), both which seem to be fandom favourites; and anyone whose been in elementary/middle/high school in the past ten years knows that verbal attacks among boys is actually much more common than physical fighting.


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