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Anatomical Natt


Natt's Journal: fandom, fandom, fandom...

Fics! Recs! Yeah!

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Anatomical Natt

Harry Potter's non-existent arse

Ill today. *moan* Was ill yesterday; but today I stayed in bed. Knocked my clock into my gray wall when it DARED disturb peace of silence amid the throbbing of my head and the gentle passing of my mucous as it traveled to wherever mucous likes travel. *feels crusty and worthless* The great news is that it gave me some time to think of my posted fics; neither have been updated in several weeks. I am quite thankful that the sickness has motivated my typing as well as has a lovely person who posted a review for all fifteen chapters of Hidden Within Confusion. I'm disappointed in myself that this was what it took for me to come out of my lazy slump. BUT! thank you, reviewer and horrible sickening bacteria.

This is a story that most any Harry/Draco shipper would enjoy. I definitely did. Taken from the site of simmysim (who's befriending of me I have wasted no time in taking advantage of--your site is grand!), the story has some sort of air about it which I have never encountered. Nor have I encountered the author, but the single work screams talent.

These newly released Harry Potter book covers have me really hopping--figuratively speaking, of course, for that cannot be good for illness-induced dizziness. I've always been partial to the American versions of the covers. They've always seemed to meet the midway point between cartoony and realistic that I like most in drawings. The adult covers always are so bland that they turn me away (I am admittedly one who judges a book by its cover). Most comments I have viewed lean toward the adult version of the Order of the Phoenix as being the best; I like its background, but the Phoenix in the picture is sort of...well...ugly methinks. I cannot tell whether it purposely was done to look like a statue.

I find myself over-analyzing the dreamy blue cover of the American edition. The three doors in the background (there very well might be four doors, alas Harry's ruffled head is blocking the view) immediately caused me to think, rather than Harry simply standing in front of some doors, that he was going to make a very important decision in the story. As always, I generally CANNOT STAND symbolism and do know that traditionally, the books (being for children) are drawn precisely from physical events in the books, which was why I smacked myself (once again, figuratively) for thinking such a thing. In conclusion, I wished the cover had had a close up on Harry's bottom.

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Ugh, sounds like we're all ill recently [is trying very hard not to make typos due to her left eyelid being far too big and puffy] Hope you feel better soon!

In conclusion, I wished the cover had had a close up on Harry's bottom.

You do know that you have all sorts of strange and interesting problems right? ^_^ *ducks brick*

There is something moving in my cerel bowl.

(Deleted comment)
I'm not coughing. Just thinking "Owie, my eye hurts, owie, I want to scratch." Have you ever tried scratching an eye? Where do you start? *snarl*

Interesting quirks, strange and interesting problems. What's the difference? :)

Would I throw a cerel bowl at you? Never. *smiles sweetly and chucks a brick at Ru_av_Nattan* That was not a quirk/problem! That is reseach for a fic. I have no interest in bloody ferrets! *wanders off muttering about bastard muses that suggest ideas that devestate fics*

Indeed, we are all seem to be coughing up some substance or another. At least this means I can allow myself to stay in bed all day without feeling like a guilty slob. Hope you feel well soon, too.

"You do know that you have all sorts of strange and interesting problems right?" Never noticed, myself! But we all have our interesting quirks, yes? I quote: "does anyone out there have any useful information about breeding ferrets?" Heh heh. *ducks cereal bowl*

yes! i love that fic, too. ^__^ it was actually that one that inspired me to make the site. ^__^ speaking of which... hee... do you think i might possibly be able to use some of yours for it? ^^;;;

"it was actually that one that inspired me to make the site." Well, one more reason for me to praise its author! You have some super content there. And I wouldn't mind one bit if you used either of my fics for your site.

yes! your fics are getting up... slowly but surely. ^____^ and thanks for your kind words. ^_^

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