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Hello all. Long time no type. I haven't written one bit of fic lately, but that's all right. I still have my health. And this vodka cranberry-raspberry concoction.

I'm getting my first set of glasses. They have thick red rims. Yes, indeed. They just spoke to me. I only have to wear them when I'm trying to read something in the distance. Or when I'm driving. Unless I don't feel like it. Which means you and your children die.

I don't know whether to work on this Harry/Draco androgyny fic or this Harry/Hermione transgender fic. Or this vodka cranberry-raspberry concoction.

My cat had a kidney infection, but he's okay now. And so is the carpet he vomited blood onto. We ripped it up and put in wood floors. My feet are cold. But that's okay. There are Eskimos who are colder. Then again, they have lots of shrimp, so we're even.

All right, Jolly Christmahanukwanzaaka to all.

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