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Happy Late Birthday

Rejoice! for I am officially another year closer to death! I received a case of nausea, three books, and a nifty four-pack of latex gloves for dish rinsing (touching the uneaten food on dishes literally causes me to gag). Yesterday was the day, but I was much too busy flipping through my Space Odysey and The Language Instinct books to even touch the lappy for more than five minutes. They are both quite fascinating. I also was given by my brother a jolly birthday card, which read "Happy Birthday, from George and Laura Bush," bearing a photo of the president and his wife waving at me. It was darling.

The highlight of my day caused me to smile--in public! I saw two small boys (either eleven or twelve years old) sitting closely over a piece of paper and using an ink pot and a quill. One boy had white-blonde hair, the other boy had black hair. I had the greatest desire to say in an intimidating Snape voice "Mr. Potter, Mr. Malfoy, no affection in the corridors! Ten points from Gryffindor!" I restrained myself.

On with another highlight: War time. 'S about time. Let's kick his dusty Arab heinie.
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