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Anatomical Natt


Natt's Journal: fandom, fandom, fandom...

Fics! Recs! Yeah!

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Anatomical Natt

Happy Late Birthday

Rejoice! for I am officially another year closer to death! I received a case of nausea, three books, and a nifty four-pack of latex gloves for dish rinsing (touching the uneaten food on dishes literally causes me to gag). Yesterday was the day, but I was much too busy flipping through my Space Odysey and The Language Instinct books to even touch the lappy for more than five minutes. They are both quite fascinating. I also was given by my brother a jolly birthday card, which read "Happy Birthday, from George and Laura Bush," bearing a photo of the president and his wife waving at me. It was darling.

The highlight of my day caused me to smile--in public! I saw two small boys (either eleven or twelve years old) sitting closely over a piece of paper and using an ink pot and a quill. One boy had white-blonde hair, the other boy had black hair. I had the greatest desire to say in an intimidating Snape voice "Mr. Potter, Mr. Malfoy, no affection in the corridors! Ten points from Gryffindor!" I restrained myself.

On with another highlight: War time. 'S about time. Let's kick his dusty Arab heinie.

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How are we supposed to wish you happy birthday if you don't tell us!? Happy birthday m'dear!

*starts singing--badly* Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy BIRTHDAY dear Natt... Happy Birthday to YOU!!!!

*in the same badly-sung tune...* How old are you now??? How old are you now??? How old are you now??? How old are you now???

*grin* Happy birthday, sweetie! I hope you had a great day.

PS: Hee hee... You saw Harry and Draco! *grins like a goofball* Ain't it grand when you see live manefestations of the characters? *wink*


Thank you very much, Katie. My day wasn't horrible at all, actually. And the "happy birthday" song--I'm sure it'd be lovely if only I could hear it! A great gift. My age now...I try to evade this question, not because my hairs are turning gray, but because so many treat me differently once they learn that I am a mere sixteen and not apart of the majority of twenty-something year olds in the fandom. Fortunately, I am no liar, so above is your answer, Miss.

You're 16?!? You've gotta be joking! I would have thought you were sooooo much older! My goodness, you baby. And I'm allowed to say that b/c I'm going to be 21 next month, so therefore I'm just shy of 5 years older than you... That's amazing. 16. Wow. You're extremely mature for your age, m'dear. *grin*

Hm, thank you for that, I suppose. Mother does say I am an eighty year old trapped in the body of a teenager...she's always been one to exaggerate. And of course you're allowed to call me a baby. Age has it's advantages after all!

Yeah, I def. know a few 80-somethings-trapped-in-teenage-bodies types... Altho I wouldn't said 80... Maybe only 75...

And watch it, young'un. I can still make Snape put you over his knee-- oh. Wait...

*chuckle* Well, I shall perhaps wait until I am legal to have a British potions master er...put me over his knee. Wait--the age of consent in Britain is sixteen...ah! My moment of bliss has finally arrived! I'm on my way Severus...

*giggles as Natt goes running off to the dungeons*

Waaaaaait... You stinker! If you're only 16, you're well in range to go after Tom! *Malfoy Sneers at you* I don't like you anymore. *turns the cold shoulder*

*pondering* Hmm... Maybe I should cut Natt off from my fanfics... the evil little one is far too close to my dear Tom's age to be tolerated.... *ponders some more*

*thinking out loud* But if she wants Sev, then maybe she'll leave Tom for me... Damn, once that boy hits the legal age of consent....

Wee, congratz! *also sings* I'll get you a birthday-card... *searches*

*prays it works...*

How lovely! I've never liked pigs much. But a pig eating a cake? Now that's just extraordinary! Thank you.

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