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MEME: Ten things I reluctantly admit about my fandom experience

Ten Things I Reluctantly Admit about My Experience in Fandom
both fanon and canon


1. I would rather be writing in the Lord of the Rings (book), Zelda (N64), and Newsies (movie) fandoms at the moment, but I'm afraid of starting out someplace where I don't know nearly as much about canon as I do in HP.

2. I admit that I wouldn't write fics with explicit sex as often if I didn't receive 2-4 times as many reviews for it as I do fics with no sex at all. I've got nothing against sex; it's just a bore to write. But it gets readers. And readers make reviews. Reviews make pride. Pride makes confidence. And confidence makes more fic. And fic, sexual or not, makes happiness. :)

3. I think Harry will end up with Ginny at the end of the series. This pains and revolts me. I don't think there should be a need for a character to end up with anybody.

4. Either my perception of good writing has changed over the years, or the quality of JKR's writing has somehow declined since book one.

5. While I feel a great deal of excitement around the times they are released, the HP movies always end up disappointing to me. Also, I hate seeing photos of the actors anywhere. They are not my characters and I don't want their shitty acting interpretations to impede my perception of the characters.

6. Though I could call it my favorite pairing, I have never read a Harry/Draco fic that has made me believe in the ship; I can't think of a situation to write it into that would make it plausible either.

7. I'm afraid to tell several people on my friends list that I admire them because I'm afraid of coming across as creepy. I hardly ever acknowledge anyone on a personal level, and I wish I had the balls to simply say, "Hey, I really like you."

8. I admire the people on the "outskirts" of fandom, who draw large audiences with their fic alone, more often than I admire the very active, charming, experienced people. I would name names, but I fear embarrassing others.

9. Though I enjoy the benefits daily_snitch and quickquote very much, I sometimes resent that they seem like small steps in making fandom an organized, official activity, rather than a private Internet hobby. If that makes sense.

10. I haven't looked at my friends-of list in a couple months. In honesty, it affects my feelings---who friends me and de-friends me---and I don't want it to; so I don't bother checking. It is one of the best fandom decisions I've ever made. I'm very much at peace, and reassured that my reasons for being here have less to do with popularity and more to do with writing fic.
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