Natt (nattish) wrote,

Random Notes, mainly RL.

--katiethewriter, I don't remember whether I've asked this, but I've been wondering---what happened to that journal thingy you are sending around to your LJ friends to write things in? I am eager and curious, and if I do not find out its whereabouts I will mope. :)

--For the first time in a while I am in multiple plays/productions, and for the first time ever I am being asked to perform and audition for specific parts by directors/producer peeps, which is more exciting in words than it is in reality. Also, this means I have read 1-2 fics in 2-3 weeks. NOOOO.

--My cat had a kidney infection, but now he is fine. <3

--I am doing a meme (found via fiendling) for the first time in forever, because it sounds too cool to pass up! Okay, here goes---yay, yay, please play?

Tell me three things to take a picture of and I will post the pictures in my journal. Household objects; hrm, kitteh; rooms; places?; anything; Note: Within reason. ;)

--I must catch up on comment replies now. :O

EDIT: I stepped in broken glass. *bleeds*
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