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Anatomical Natt


Natt's Journal: fandom, fandom, fandom...

Fics! Recs! Yeah!

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Anatomical Natt

Random Notes, mainly RL.

--katiethewriter, I don't remember whether I've asked this, but I've been wondering---what happened to that journal thingy you are sending around to your LJ friends to write things in? I am eager and curious, and if I do not find out its whereabouts I will mope. :)

--For the first time in a while I am in multiple plays/productions, and for the first time ever I am being asked to perform and audition for specific parts by directors/producer peeps, which is more exciting in words than it is in reality. Also, this means I have read 1-2 fics in 2-3 weeks. NOOOO.

--My cat had a kidney infection, but now he is fine. <3

--I am doing a meme (found via fiendling) for the first time in forever, because it sounds too cool to pass up! Okay, here goes---yay, yay, please play?

Tell me three things to take a picture of and I will post the pictures in my journal. Household objects; hrm, kitteh; rooms; places?; anything; Note: Within reason. ;)

--I must catch up on comment replies now. :O

EDIT: I stepped in broken glass. *bleeds*

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Yay for you success in plays/productions and the healthiness of your kitty!

Three pic suggestions:

Your healthy kitty :D
Trees (if the leaves have changed)
Your computer. :)

My kitty and I thank you kindly!

Click for meme :D!

Last time I knew, it was in Massachusetts, on its third stop or so. I'm IMing Tommy right now. We'll see what he says.

And as for the three things... Hmmm... Kitty! Um, what else... Natt? *nods* Yes that'd be nice. A smilie Natt pic would be fun! Erm... And... Ooo the HP collection I'm sure you have all over your room. *wink*

Yeah. There you are. *muah!*

I look forward to seeing it/hearing more about it in the future! I should have sent one out, too (it seems fun), but there aren't many online people who I communicate about non-HP things with; so I don't know whether there would be a point.

Click for meme :D!

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