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Natt family conversation

[A Natt family conversation: Natt lounges on squashy green couch; mother stands in the kitchen with hands on hips; father stands in doorway to backyard, puffing on cigar]

Mother: Marriage is between a man and a woman.

Natt: You know, not long ago the majority of Americans thought blacks and whites had no business getting married either.

Mother: That's different, and you know it.

Natt: No. I think it revolves around the same, tired ideology; and if they ban same-sex marriages I hope they ban interracial marriages too.

Mother: *scandalized*

Father: Natt's got a point.

Mother: How can you say that?

Father: She's not saying she disapproves of interracial marriage; she's saying it's a matter of the same principles.

[/end convo]

Now, my father doesn't think same-sex marriages should be allowed, but I loved finding out that he and I have the same logic. Also, to understand why my mother was so scandalized, one might bear in mind that she is white and my father is black. Always a sensitive subject in the household.
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