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Anatomical Natt


Natt's Journal: fandom, fandom, fandom...

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Anatomical Natt

Natt family conversation

[A Natt family conversation: Natt lounges on squashy green couch; mother stands in the kitchen with hands on hips; father stands in doorway to backyard, puffing on cigar]

Mother: Marriage is between a man and a woman.

Natt: You know, not long ago the majority of Americans thought blacks and whites had no business getting married either.

Mother: That's different, and you know it.

Natt: No. I think it revolves around the same, tired ideology; and if they ban same-sex marriages I hope they ban interracial marriages too.

Mother: *scandalized*

Father: Natt's got a point.

Mother: How can you say that?

Father: She's not saying she disapproves of interracial marriage; she's saying it's a matter of the same principles.

[/end convo]

Now, my father doesn't think same-sex marriages should be allowed, but I loved finding out that he and I have the same logic. Also, to understand why my mother was so scandalized, one might bear in mind that she is white and my father is black. Always a sensitive subject in the household.

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That was the best punchline in the entire universe.

I thank you.

Also: Your icon is probably the best in the entire universe. :)

subliculous, who drew it at my request, is the one to thank for that.

I tried the same logic on my white mother who, except for a few exceptions, has only dated black men. Didn't work on her either.

you'd intrigued me before, (yes, long before your drive-by comment) but you won my heart with this post.

am SO friending you.


*puts heart in pocket*

Will keep safe.

(I've noticed you around for the longest time, because 1) I am am intrigued by names I cannot pronounce and 2) You icon is precious. I don't know why I didn't friend you before.)

*friends back*

heeeee. it is pronounced lunar onwee.

as in: i was horribly bored at work one day several years ago, was positively lunatic with boredom, and decided to mash lunatic and ennui together. and the rest is history.

*pats your pocket*


Ha, great post. You know, I'm a very logical person, and I find hard to understand those who aren't!

Hurrah! *claps* Logic! Oh beauteous logic, how I like to see it! :D

That's always how I thought of it.

I said in front of aunts and uncles my parents and my grandma on a visit out west this summer that if a boy and a girl can make out/hold hands/whatever in the street and nothing gets said then a boy and a boy or a girl and a girl should be able to without anything getting said. Otherwise it should just be wrong.

My grandma agreed with me but my aunt and uncle were all "that's not right, boy&boy kissing is gross" or whatever, and argh want to smack people when they say that.

See the making out in public thing I have a problem with with anyone, because I think it's icky to make out in front of people. But, I'd probably be a hypocrite if I had someone to make out with.

Did this even make sense? Eh, whatever.

My aunt and uncle are interracial and I have no problem with it at all. But when they got married (in the late 60s, I think) my grandpa (uncle and mom's dad) wasn't even going to go because he didn't approve of it. He sort of got over it though.

Hopefully the next generations can get over this too.

Yes, it made sense, and was well said!

I don't have a problem with anyone making out in the streets, because, eh, I'm just over-casual about everything, I think.

A lot of couples in my family are interracial, for some reason; more so than not, actually. I don't know why. So it's not really an issue. But the gay thing is, argh. There is only one known gay person on either side of my family, and it's NOT talked about (though he's is perfectly welcome with everyone).

So, er, hmm. The world is a bastard sometimes. :(

Yeah, I like to think that when our generation has grandkids (I think we're the same age...), this will be no more an issue than the interracial thing is (which is still an issue in some places, but not nearly as much as thirty years ago).

Thanks man. :))

Well, I mean, I deal with making out but when you're practically haveing sex in the sidewalk it gets to be a bit much. I hate people who make out at school moreso because.. it's school!

People could just say that I'm bitter because I'm jealous though.

My aunt (born in Granada, her parents' roof got torn off in the hurricane actually and they've just went to help repair it) and uncle are really the only interracial marriage in my family, but then there's their kids, who of course are interracial.

It's never been an issue besides with older folks when they got married with the family. Some family friends are a bit strange about it though. :\

World is a definite bastard. :(

I don't think we're that close in age. Our parents are probably closer in age than we are- mom's 49 and dad's 51. They had my brother and I later.

I'm only 17. :))

Yeah, I hope the next generation will progress like our parents' (or grandparents') did in that respect. Some people will always have a problem with it, but once it's accepted as a norm, it'll be alright.

I don't think I'd have a problem with sex on the sidewalks, actually. O_o Yeah, I'm over-casual. Though I think the fluids would be inconvenient. They would have to institute a new type of garbage man, like a sex clean-up man. With a neat uniform and everything!

I win the guessing game---I'm 17 myself. :o) And my parents are, hrm, 42 (my mom, her 43rd is this Saturday) and 46.

I think the STDs would be inconvient too. They'd have to have like... condom vending machines on street corners too.

:O I thought you were older! No clue where I got that from.

Ahahaha. Yes, my parents are old! :))

That logic is spot-on. It kinda blows that they're not so approving of same-sex marriages.

On a totally off-topic note.
I just realized today that I somehow managed to take you off my flist. How, I've no clue, but yeah. *big frown* I'd been wondering why I hadn't read anything about you in a while. Anyway. I've corrected that bad bad bad error, so it's all good now. And I'm gonna go check out what I've missed.

I does blow, but I think they might be (slightly, slowly, maybe, kind of) coming around. My mom especially, for some reason; probably because I'm so vocally adamant on the subject of gay marriage and gay rights in general.

I've been feeling a lack of Katie myself! But I think I just kept missing your posts---haven't been paying the most attention to LJ lately. :( Anyway, hello!

Well, at least they're starting to come around. One step at a time, right?

And remember... my journal's friends only now, so if I didn't have you on the flist, you'd've missed pretty much all of them since whenever I made the booboo. *embarassed*

How's life? School's not kickin' your arse, is it?

I'm here from oreos...

And, if you don't mind a conservative viewpoint, I don't think it is a matter of the same principles. Recently we've walked away from using religion, etc, to opress people when there was no true religious basis to do so. With homosexuality, it's a different matter. It's not that those opposing homosexual marriage want to oppress people the same way those who are racist wanted to oppress whomever they were racist against. And opposition to homosexuality isn't a question of people manipulating religion to advance whatever superior idiology they want; when it comes down to homosexuality, it is condemed, clear-cut, in many religion's sacred texts (well, I can only speak for Christianity, which is where most of the opposition to homosexuality and same-sex marriage is coming from).

So, I really don't understand how opposition to interracial marriage and opposition to same-sex marriage is of the same principle.

And opposition to homosexuality isn't a question of people manipulating religion to advance whatever superior idiology they want; when it comes down to homosexuality, it is condemed, clear-cut, in many religion's sacred texts (well, I can only speak for Christianity, which is where most of the opposition to homosexuality and same-sex marriage is coming from).

If your ideology consist of your religion being superior or the main point of life (and not just yours) then using any religion (even the majority) to make up social laws is "manipulating religion to advance whatever superior idiology" especially when you assume all major religions and sacred texts condone homosexuality.

In the spirit of logic as this thread seems to be about to carry out the merits of this view point you would need to
A) Show that all major religions condemn homosexuality
B) Show why that should have a bearing on common law in the United States
C) Show that racist didn't use the Bible or any other "sacred text" to ban inter-racial marriages.

C) Can definitely be shown that at least the Bible was used, thus Christian-American racist and those opposing homosexual marriage have similar rationale. Read the works of Fredrick Douglas (his autobiography where he talks about his master's distorted christrian faith), check out comments made by Jerry Falwell and other conservative christians.
A) Is definitely debatable and no live journal thread can contain the amount of information that would go back and forth on that one.
B) In a democracy where there is supposedly separation between "Church and State" and freedom of religion...this should be almost impossible to show why common law should be dictated by major religions.
I'm not attacking any faith this is the arguement that you brought up and based it on a lot of so-called christian beliefs.

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