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Anatomical Natt


Natt's Journal: fandom, fandom, fandom...

Fics! Recs! Yeah!

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Anatomical Natt

cattins dogs

am sick, eurgh, cannot look at computer will die, hands shaking head made of lead, drowsy, will die, eurgh, must write fic, funny there is still time for appropriate spelling but nothing else, eurgh......... .must write fic world will end

went to the oregon shakespeare festival and brought lots of good shit and thought of lots of fic, unluckily I cannot make use of these things you are made of clouds

I just noticed I have no nc17 harrydraco fic published this is a tragedy, quite like king lear, will fix that. lear you ass, you are a bad father but then you are not so bad, eurgh.

I built a website, also Will post link when can see straight

Okay just wanted to communicate with you friends please say hello? :O


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I'm sick too. :/ It sucks, doesn't it?

Oh, Shakespeare! <3


*hugs back*

feel bettah, because you rule.

shakespeare is never sick; this makes me jealous......wah


thanks, i hope you feel better soon too.

you rule more than i do.

shakespeare is cool though, so we must forgive him.


my lymph node is swollen i think. is that like...considered sickish?

and hello darling <33333333

i'm sorry your lymph node is swollen. if it does not count as sickish, it still deserves sympathy. *pets and pets and pets (you, not your node)*

hello to you too. :))))))))))

OSF! I WANNA GO! i've been going there every summer for...5 years...but this summer i didnt get to go because i wrecked my car and had to pay for that instead of going to the festival. i miss it so much. i dont know if i'm going to be able to go next summer either...i'll probably be working. that makes me tooootally sad. oh well. life goes on. what did you get? and what did you see?


Poor you!

Poor car!

:( :( :(

i wish you could go. it was grand. especially Comedy of Errors, which was set in las vegas; the set was awesome, on a revolving floor thingy and lots of mirrors; and i wish i could go tell you what else i saw but i'm about to fall over, nehgh.

this was my third year in a row. i hope to go again. i hope you can go next year!

what i got: a OSF sweatshirt; 3 acting books; 1 queen elizabeth bio; 4 used bookstore books, the titles to which i don't recall as the moment......and..... :O hmm. oh well.


<3 <3

*says hello*


*hopes you get better soon*

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