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Anatomical Natt


Natt's Journal: fandom, fandom, fandom...

Fics! Recs! Yeah!

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Anatomical Natt

Bloody lips.

You know what's just gnawing at me?

This phrase:

"He bit his lover's lip hard enough to draw blood."

And others to that effect.

Is that supposed to be sexy? Creative? Artistic?

It's none of those. If anything, it's clichéd (therefore boring), unrealistic (therefore pointless in most kissing and sex scenes), and just plain silly. Especially when it's followed up by something like, "It stung a bit at first, but as his lover licked at the wound the pain turned into pleasure."

What the hell are they---puppies?

I think it's safe to say that most people don't get off on feeling (physical) pain. I think it's safe to say that most fictional characters are included.

So why is this so common? I will tell you. Because a few people thought it was neat when Someone Unknown first used the phrase at the Dawn of Fandom; they copied it, and then people started copying them, and so fourth. Now it's commonplace. A throwaway line. A space-waster. Neither imaginative nor useful. I cringe if I come across any variant.

I also dislike it when applied to one person. For example, if Harry is being derided by Snape on a particularly bad day, he may bite his own lip in annoyance or frustration. Many times, an author will write that he bites to the point of blood trickling down his lip. The common reaction is for Harry to lick the blood away, without acknowledging his pain. Tell me, how is this so? Don't you react when you stub your toe, prick your finger, or have a run-in with the family cat's little claws? Not to mention pressing your blunt tooth through the sensitive flesh of your lip!

Not to say pain is out of the question, you crazy kids. But surely you can think of some other painful, sexual act to amuse yourself with? What about fisting? There should be more fisting in fandom. :)

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I'm not guilty of having written that. Yet. However I do bite my lips to the point of bleeding so yes, it can be done, and I do not wince or anything as I would with stubbed toe (probably because a stubbed toe is unexpected while the bite is expected and thus prepared for), so its never struck me as unrealistic to read that in a fic, though it seems more realitic when a character does it to themselves then to another, probably just because thats what I do. Heck sometimes I do it honestly and don't know i did it until Bugland tells me to stop it. However, lip biting for me is more an obsessive/compulsive act and i don't see most characters having this particular er 'bad habit'. I think bugland would be grossed out if I started bleeding from the mouth when snogging.

Stangely, come to think of it, while lip-biting isn't a big deal for me in fics, what DOES annoy me, is "bruised lips". I couldn't figure that out in the tea series among others, why was kissing always resulting in bruised lips? I'm picturing characters being propelled at eachother at 50 mph. Or punching eachotehr in the mouth (which would be fine, if their foreplay was actually a fist fight, but it wans't) I like pain, but I've never ever had my lips bruised when kissing... am I doing soemthign wrong???

And I'd second the more fisting comment- but since Ive read too many fics where my reaction is 'okaaaaay they haven't tried it have they?' i'm not sure I really want to see more of that. If people can't bother to research, they should stick to writign what they know.

It would work, I think, if it was character with a habit of biting his own lip to the point of blood, as you mentioned you can sometimes do. But often when I read it, it's a one-time thing, and the character is just like, "Oh, look, bloody lips. No biggie."

I second the "bruised lips" thing. Also, I don't like it when other characters can tell that one character has been kissing someone because their lips are slightly swollen. I doubt many people are that observant! :)

yep exactly. i don't think most people who are not already used to being bit this way, are going to not think anything of it when it happens. There likely will be an "Oooouch! What the fuck are you doing?" response. Maybe a few people WOULD react with a "Oh wow, i like that" response, but after the first time at *least( I think they'd be obsessing abotu it afterwards- like that there is this welt on their lip now and their tongue keeps bumping into it, and how it tastes, and now its starting to throb a bit, and what the hell is wrong with me for liking that, and going to look in the mirror and thinking 'oh hell, how am I goign to hide THAT'?

Like you said, its often seems to be soemthing someone thought looked good in their fic and others copied it without trying it, or at least, stoppign to think abot what it might be like. It seems to be another thing on those lists people make of what they find "hot or not hot" in a fic. Which comes down to that many people I think writing these scenes are thinking (consciously or not) about what will get them the </i>OMG that's so hot!</i> feedbacks, rather than what is *in character*.

Ohh, I so agree with you and nattish! :)

I wouldn't know about bleeding lips, because to me, that's only happened very rarely (but now that I'm thinking about it, they were caused by me biting them; but then, the skin already has to be very, very thin - maybe because of cold weather outside and me forgetting to put on lip balm or something..), and doing it to other people?? Helllooo?

Tugging at someone else's lips with one's teeth - yeah! Or getting one's lips tugged! (Teasingly, hmmmm!) But biting them? Until they bleed? No, I think people are really confusing those two.

About bruised lips: I think that's another case of confusing two things with each other. I guess most people have swollen lips in mind when they're writing about bruised ones. And yeah, mine can get swollen (and I guess other people's lips as well) after much/intense kissing, and I do not only feel it, but I can actually see they are swollen when I look into a mirror. But that's because I know what they normally look like, 'cause I see them in their 'normal' state a couple of times every day. Also, my skin's very pale, that's why the contrast between the colour of my skin and my lips becomes much more stark when they are swollen (and that's why I think that in my case, other people might also notice it).. In some films, you can also see 'swollen' lips, but then, those are usually a woman's lips, and we only get the impression because the woman in question is wearing lipstick and the lipstick gets smeared (if only to make the lips appear swollen)!! Anyway, I can't see many people (and even less men!) having their lips 'abused' to a degree that a (potential) swelling is actually visible....

Oh, and one more thing about bleeding lips (because I just had an idea..). I don't find the image erotic, but it could be that lips are just a convenient (or the most convenient).. uhm body part to 'produce' an 'accidental' trickle of blood. Because yeah, I find the image of a small trickle of blood somehow.. fascinating. Or sexy. (Just like I find fresh - rather, freshly healed - small cuts/scratches in people's faces attractive.) Anyone remember that scene in "The Entertainer"? Robert Redford? At the end of the movie, after he's 'shot'.. when he's lying on the floor and there's 'blood' trickling out of his mouth? Oh. Yeaaah. I can imagine now where those bleeding lips came from.. (though I still don't find those sexy. Like, at all.)


I actually had my lips bruise once, but it was very slight. I don't think anyone but me noticed it. It's the sort of thing that happens when someone is very enthusiastically sucking their partner's lip. Make sense?

Anyway, I agree that in general, it's unrealistic. Especially when other people notice it. The only thing you notice is if there's marks on someone's neck.

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